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My blog has been focused on using our Intuition because it is one of the hidden powers of our lives. However, most people have forgotten to use their instinct muscles to protect themselves from the illusions in our world, con artists, and people who are morally bankrupt. I personally trust my gut feelings more and more because my intuition serves me to stay safe and discern who and what to believe in our current world. So many people today have been taken advantage of because they believed others who took advantage of them. The truth is, many of our present economic woes are the result of people are out of touch with their instincts.

Since we aren’t given information about listening to our intuition in our school systems, I wanted to share with you some of the practical information I have gathered throughout my career about getting in touch with your inner wisdom—your true source of strength and infallible guidance. The follow is a small excerpt from my program, Intuition: The New Common Sense. You can find out more by clicking here. Intuition sounds almost mystical, but it’s actually just the mind’s ability to match patterns. You “get a feeling” about a new situation because it is subconsciously similar to an experience you have had before. That is how intuition tells us that an attractive business offer has hidden dangers or an associate doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

Imagine this: You are sharing logical and intellectual reasons why your prospect, client, customer, or patient should invest in your product or service or you are asking for a raise or added benefit from your boss. But deep down, hidden away, you are feeling unsure of yourself. You have fears that your supplier cannot deliver on time or you don’t feel worthy of a large commission, or maybe you dislike your prospect. Maybe you fear your supplier will let you down or your staff cannot handle the extra work. Something inside of you is insecure. Or if it is your boss, maybe you feel like they won’t give you what you want. Whether your feelings are positive or negative, they are energy that is being transmitted by you to your prospect or boss. They start to pick up subtle energy patterns or thoughts, intellectually or subliminally, and can feel your doubts. This is an important point you should be very aware of. It’s important to clean up your thoughts, doubts, and negative energy before you make presentations of any kind. Maybe your staff or sales people are having these feelings. If they are, I assure you these negative feelings are affecting your sales, profits, and results.

Pay attention to your self-talk because we are self-fulfilling prophecies. If you tell yourself regularly that your problems are too difficult for you or you will never find the answers, then you do not trust yourself, and again, you’re programming your intuition to fail you. Have you ever had a feeling that you should call on a particular client? Then, after you ignored your inner nudging, later found out that, had you just called on that client, you would have made the sale? How many times have you had a feeling that it was going to be a waste of time to call on a certain client, but you made the call anyway and the client was not even in the building? In today’s world you must develop and use these natural abilities–your intuition–to be successful in whatever you do, from your personal life to business.

If I don’t use intuition in my decision-making process I tend to fall short of my goals and not make the best decisions. The bottom line is that adding intuition to your life and listening to your inner wisdom is what adds STRENGTH to your life and decisions. Listening to your intuition will allow you to see opportunities that others cannot. Learning to use your intuition on a practical level will allow you to escape traditional boundaries and focus on expansion and freedom in your life. For more information on how to expand your knowledge and use one of the most important skills in your life, click here.

Blessings to you

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Lee Milteer is an Intuitive Business Coach, Best Selling Author, blogger, Award winning Professional Speaker, and TV Personality. She is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching program for Entrepreneurs and is the author of eleven books and over a hundred audio and video programs. Lee is a regular guest on National TV and radio shows and has appeared as an Expert Guest on: CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CTV, QVC, PBS, and CNN.

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