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I suggest you consider adopting my gift-giving strategy. Gather the things in your life that are gift-worthy, in perfect shape, and sincerely match the wants and needs of someone you know and love. Years ago I learned about an American Indian tradition of “gifting gatherings”.  The idea is to gather up things that you can gift to someone else who may need them. You “gift” them away, and then you in turn receive gifts from others who are also gifting away items that they feel may suit you!

We piled all the gifts in the center of the room

Years ago a girlfriend of mine here in Virginia Beach used to have a “gifting party” each holiday season. There were about 30 women who attended. It was a potluck party so everyone brought food and something of value that they were no longer using.  It could be jewelry, artwork, pottery, or some other nice gift. We all arrived with gifts wrapped (but without names on the packages) and put them in big pile in the center of the room.

After dinner we did some drumming and then had a “pick a gift” ceremony.  We drew numbers and then the first number got to go to the pile of gifts and pick one.  You had 30 seconds to pick your gift and then go back to your seat.  After everyone had a gift we opened them!  I was seriously shocked to find that I picked something that I actually had seen in a store and loved but did not buy for myself. It was a stunning crystal bracelet, which I have still today.

Most people were happy with their gifts but then the next part of the fun was to trade your gift for something you liked better if you found something and someone willing to trade.  All of this was great fun and everyone left the party, not only full of good food and company, but with a “GIFT”!  And even better yet, we had all moved energy in our lives by releasing certain things we no longer needed.

You might want to play this game during this holiday season. Or play it after the New Year and have fun exchanging gifts you don’t like or need and can’t return.  The bottom line is, it’s good to release and let go of even the “Good Stuff” you are not using so it can bring pleasure to someone who will appreciate it.

Happy Holiday Shopping in your own personal treasure trove!


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