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It’s hard to believe another year is coming to a close and in a very short time, we’ll be embarking on a new journey, 2015. One thing I like to do at the end of each year is take some time and evaluate my accomplishments.

For me, as I approach each new year, I feel like it’s important that I’m committed to having the skill of awareness about where my time goes and the progress I am (or am not) making. As an entrepreneur, I have to be accountable to myself.

As we approach 2015, there are some questions you might want to ask yourself, too. And if you’re not happy with the answers, it’s time to make some adjustments in your life.

Here are my Year-End Questions. I encourage you to print these out and take your time answering them. You might even think of a few more to ask yourself to help you get on track for 2015.

  • What am I most Proud of Achieving this Year?
  • What is BLOCKING Me Mentally Right Now from Being My Best?
  • What Specific Results Have I achieved this Year?
  • Am I Healthier, Wealthier, and Wiser and More Successful? What Actions Have I taken to Lead Me to these Results?
  • Am I Winning, Losing, or Just Holding Ground?
  • What Results am I committed to Achieve by the End of the Year? For next year? Write Out Plans in Detail.
  • How have I Grown and What have I Learned this year?
  • Who am I Most Grateful to?
  • Is there any Unfinished Business that Needs to be Tended to in my Life?
  • What Habits or Behaviors do I need to Change to Ensure Better Results?
  • What is the Key Issue that Inhibits My Ability to Perform at My Best?
  • What am I willing to do Differently that will change my Life and Profits?
  • If I knew that Everything in my life was going to Work out and I had No Worries about Money—What Would I do Differently?

Here’s to 2015 being your best year yet!

Create a Great Day!

Your coach,

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Lee Milteer is an Intuitive Business Coach, Best Selling Author, blogger, Award winning Professional Speaker, and TV Personality. She is the founder of the Millionaire SmartsĀ® Coaching program for Entrepreneurs and is the author of eleven books and over a hundred audio and video programs. Lee is a regular guest on National TV and radio shows and has appeared as an Expert Guest on: CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CTV, QVC, PBS, and CNN.

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