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We in the world must unite against violence. The only way to unity and peace in the world is through LOVE.  We have always known deep inside that this is the only way to defeat hate – by loving those who hate us.

The power of the heart and prayer will protect you like nothing else can. It took me many years to fully understand the power of the heart.  When I have found myself in messes in the past, it was truly the power of my connection to Infinite Intelligence that allowed me to free myself from entanglements that were not beneficial to my life and me.

I have to first get quiet and connect with my Source.  When I am upset, angry, frustrated, depressed or suffering from any other life reducing energy, I am locked out of The Flow, The Force, God Energy, Universe, Infinite Intelligence or whatever else you like to call your own direct source.  I find the fastest way to reconnect is to pray.   Or sometimes I just do deep breathing and think of beautiful thoughts or something I love.

My job is to be present at that moment and sincerely plug into source energy and send LOVE to whatever challenge I am dealing with. I also ask for divine assistance.   I release all judgment and ask for love, light and peace and harmony for everyone involved.

It is time now for the conscious souls on earth to actually start using the spiritual skills you already possess or can learn and send love into the world. Be part of the healing of the Earth’s peoples now.  Be a Light On Earth.  Send love to everyone no matter what.  This is not a romantic or emotional love, or even an intelligence kind of love.  It is flat out just the energy of Love.

Although we don’t agree with everyone, and we can still find love in our souls for people whose hearts have not yet opened. The world today is a reflection of the fear, stress, anger and confusion we hold inside of us. Find it within yourself to send love to everyone and the world will feel it. Stop being victims and proactively pray for the world and your future – and for generations that will follow.

Send LOVE and see how it transforms your reality. The more we have the energy of love the more we can heal.  Take the time daily to pray for yourself and others, world harmony and healing.  Be proactive and send positive energy INTO the energy surrounding the earth.  Envision our country, communities, neighborhoods, families and businesses thriving in love, prosperity   and harmony.  There is enough hate.  We have enough complainers and negative thinkers and we must be careful not to let them poison our minds and lives any further.  We have to take back our lives and change the direction that the world is going.  We must be the SOLUTION.

Sending YOU love and light. Please pass this ezine on to others who you feel could join us in creating a community of Light Workers – not only for the world but to improve our own wonderful experiences on this planet.


P.S.  I have a wonderful Prayer Book resource for you.  I wrote and designed it so that you can carry it with you as a “911” to deal with the insanity of life and help you stay aligned to Source.  This little pocket book, The Magic of Prayers has a user-friendly index so that you can look up your specific need and quickly find a prayer for the challenge or problem you are facing.  To be honest, I needed a specific prayer for inner peace.  I literally wrote this little book, The Magic of Prayers for me.  I create prayers all the time and have added them to a few of my books like Reclaim the Magic and Spiritual Power Tools.

I only have a limited number of these in very small books in stock so if you want one or want to gift others in your life now is the time to invest.  I will not be printing any more of this handy small version because The Magic Of Prayers was purchased by Rainbow Bridge Publishing and is being expanded to a larger version and in hardback for the bookstores this holiday season.   It is still available at under products-manifesting or e-mail for bulk purchases.

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