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Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors System


How are Your Bad Habits-Unproductive Behaviors Jeopardizing Your Relationships, Self–Esteem, Health, Weight, Financial Security, Happiness and More?


How are Your Bad Habits-Unproductive Behaviors Jeopardizing Your Relationships, Self–Esteem, Health, Weight, Financial Security, Happiness and More?
Examples of Bad Habits/ Unproductive Behaviors:

Eating Out of Boredom or StressLetting Others Overstep Personal BoundariesSpending Too Much MoneyNeglecting YourselfStressing-out and Over-working Saying “Yes” When You Want to Say “No”Negative ThinkingProcrastination and TardinessLosing Your TemperNot Taking Care of Your BodyBlaming Others for Your ProblemsNot Spending Time with Loved OnesSmokingBeing a Compulsive ShopperBiting Your NailsLosing Things
What IF you finally had the energy to shed these habits and use it to do the things you’d love to do?

The truth is all Bad Habits/Unproductive Behaviors drain you of motivation, time, money, and a great life.

The GOOD NEWS is, it isn’t your fault!

You can EASILY CHANGE your bad habits.
Learn why you have them, where they come from and how you can change them, using an EASY step-by-step process to unload bad habits for good.

If you want to:

RELEASE unproductive behaviors that are holding you back
Let go of the mentality that your habits have no consequences
Learn how to have disciplined behavior without effort or pain
Realize your limitless potential
Change your destiny
Achieve the goals you’ve barely allowed yourself to dream possible
Become a powerful role model
Cut through the fear, helplessness and passivity dragging you down
Be the star, director and writer of your future…
This program will reveal:

The foundation of all bad habits and how to overcome it
Why will-power isn’t enough to overcome unproductive behaviors
How many times your subconscious mind must hear new material to learn and integrate it into your existing belief system
How and when to reward yourself for more effective results
Why mistakes are natural, inevitable and critical to the process
How to leave the past in the past; THE PAST DOES NOT EQUAL THE FUTURE
The difference between LIFE GIVING and LIFE REMOVING habits
How to take inventory of your LIFE GIVING and LIFE REMOVING habits
What is the root of procrastination and how to overcome it
Why you and almost everyone you know is programmed to fail and what to do about it
How to use your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy most effectively to achieve your goals
How the law of inertia has prevented you from breaking bad habits in the past
What is the right support system and how to create it
How to engage in a healthy catharsis of your negative thoughts and feelings
How to take advantage of being a self-fulfilling prophecy
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OVERCOMING UNPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIORS By Lee Milteer is one of the best programs I have invested in to take control of my life and business again! – and Lee clearly Designed this program for body, mind and spirit. Lee Milteer has been a wonderful influence in my personal and business life. Her new program Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors assisted me in releasing old habits and behaviors that were causing me to over working and be stressed out, neglecting myself and letting others overstep personal and business boundaries. This incredible system has given me insight on how to easily release unproductive habits that has freed me up in life to actually enjoy my life now. I am so impressed with Lee’s CD set because it gives you strategies to change the way you feel, think and act by changing your patterns of behavior. I found her system helped me feel more confident to say NO when I used to say Yes to things and people that did not serve me. I am now free to Experience the freedom of designing my own destiny without a lot of old baggage! Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors has allowed me to release the self-defeating habits that had caused me to neglect myself and held me back. Lee’s techniques are as simple as they are powerful and they can helped me take control of my life from feeling stuck, frustrated and powerless. I was very pleased with the depth of Lee’s knowledge and her wonderful humor to assist me in releasing habits.. I have been a fan of Lee Milteer for a long time and have read all her books and invested in all her educational programs and I can honestly say her latest program OVERCOMING UNPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIORS is a system that I would recommend to everyone who wants to FEEL empowered and in charge of their life again!!

Lina Penalosa, Washington D.C.
Expert Copywriter


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