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As human beings, we are currently only using 5% to 15% of our natural potential. As a professional author, speaker and human potential coach, I can provide you with an outside perspective. During our Coaching Sessions, you will uncover skills and resources, find direction and discover insight. My feedback and guidance will allow you to move past any blocks that have prevented you from reaching your goals, in both your personal and professional life.

We all have five types of life energy: Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial. How you spend your life energy determines the outcomes you get in life. To change your life you must use your life energy in an effective and efficient manner. In my coaching sessions, I will provide you with proven Success Principles and a Holistic approach to assist you in breaking past any mental and emotional blocks to reach your personal and professional goals.

Success Coaching from Lee Milteer will help you to:

  • Establish professional and personal goals
  • Identify and build on your strengths, talents and experience
  • Identify your personal blind spots and obstacles
  • Develop effective time management skills
  • Develop effective and usable stress management skills
  • Develop your problem solving and decision making abilities
  • Tap into your potential and improve your performance
  • Overcome anxieties and fears about your future
  • Create Habits that produce and improve your productivity
  • Successfully bring closure and completion to existing projects
  • Implement new projects and create action plans
  • Adapt and capitalize on change to your advantage
  • Create balance and harmony between your personal and professional life

If you are really serious about changing your life, using your potential and realizing your dreams, you must take new actions. As partners, we will clarify what you want to work on and set up a schedule that works best for achieving the new outcomes you desire.

In order for coaching to be effective, we must form a partnership with honesty and commitment. Homework assignments will be offered after each session. All information shared within sessions is confidential.

Coaching Overview: My job is to supply you with tools to deal with your life and future. I will supply you with motivation, training, and accountability that will empower you to move into a more resourceful state of mind to make better choices. I am not your best friend. My job is to help you implement plans we make together.

Due to her speaking and writing schedule, projects, and Millionaire Smarts® Coaching, Lee Milteer will only be able to assist a select few personal coaching clients each year. Lee Milteer offers personal phone coaching for Business Owners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs who want to move to the next level of success in life.

Coaching Fees:

Call our office for Lee’s  current coaching rates at 757-363-5800

Application Required. Coaching is done in Virginia Beach, Virginia at Lee’s office or on the phone with appointment times.

SPEECH COACHING: CALL OFFICE FOR QUOTE. Personal Coaching for Formatting and Giving a SPEECH or becoming a Professional Speaker. This is a program to assist you to write, format, and deliver a one-hour speech. You will be required to supply video of yourself or come to VA Beach, VA to Lee Milteer’s office to work with her. Please call our office for dates available and an application. Please Fax our office at 757-363-5801 and request an application.

Limited Coaching Slots Available
Call our office at 757-363-5800 for more information.

“Since Working with You I have Gained 2 New Clients worth $80,000!”

As part of your Coaching group I knew from day one your intuitive power was awesome. You have showed me yet another door of opportunity to expand my mind and challenge my thinking……As a result of working with you I repositioned and realigned myself with the results being:

1. Clearer Action about the direction I am taking in my life to create wealth and prosperity
2. Confidence that I am following the right path
3. Two new clients worth $80,000
4. A second source of income leveraging my ‘Bigger Picture’ troubleshooting in Small businesses

The tools, exercises, messages and wisdom that you have shared are inspiring and insightful. Anyone at a point in their lives searching for answers would do well to join your mystery school and I emphatically recommend undertaking a coaching session with you.
Thank you for being my guide so that I may continue to learn…..

Becky Lacey

Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner, Solutions 42

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