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Upcoming Events

Vision QuestVirginia BeachA Vision Quest For Wealth Creation in Virginia Beach, VA
Fall 2017
with Lee Milteer

Hello from Lee,
Come join me for a spiritual and metaphysical retreat in Virginia Beach, VA. I will be sharing highly advance tools, strategies, and knowledge from my many years of study from the top Business, spiritual and metaphysical teachers on earth to assist you to shift your energy fields to become more of your authentic self and utilize your soul’s purpose. The purpose of the Retreat is to take back your personal power from the collective consciousness and realize your own divine power to use to manifest what you desire. We will use mystical powers of prayer, rituals and clear intentions. We will visit the powerful energy of Virginia Beach, Virginia and learn how to draw from the energy to manifest our own desires. Enjoy the company of like-minded people to unplug from the world for a few days. Be nurtured and spoiled so you can easily create a Brand New Vision and Energy Blueprint pattern of exactly what you want to manifest in your life. My first two Vision Quest events sold out and we already have several dozen interested people who have signed up for the Virginia Beach event notification list!  By signing up on our notification list you will be FIRST to get all of the details and be offered the opportunity to sign up with the early-early-bird discount!  

Ongoing Courses

12ss 12 Spiritual Solutions 12 Module Course

We are all dealing with massive new challenges daily. It is almost impossible to know how to deal with every single situation we are faced with in this accelerated changing reality. Fortunately there truly is a “Spiritual Solution” for each of our problems that will first remove stress and overwhelm from your life and then give you new strategies for long term solutions to whatever challenges you are now facing. They will also help you clear up old patterns of problems that have kept you from living in joy and prosperity with a happy heart.

If you’re dealing with guilt, worry, financial problems or poverty consciousness, health issues and relationship challenges, lack of motivation – if you are lonely, lacking self-esteem or are currently just “stuck” in life and cannot seem to find relief from old traditional remedies then this video course is for you. These 12 video lessons offer actual solutions including prayers and rituals you can use as well as a full transcript for review. You will receive Universal Wisdoms from around the world and from some Mystery Schools that will empower you with new wisdom! You’ll learn to successfully use your five types of energies to imprint a new reality and enjoy freedom from you old worries, doubts and fears! You will begin immediately to manifest new positive outcomes in your life if you follow my advice.

Get in touch with your true power to manifest and allow your authentic self to come out with this new video series. For an example of the power of these videos here is a short excerpt on Easy Steps for Manifesting Specific Desires.


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