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Before started my speaking business, I was in the Commercial Real Estate industry. I wasn’t happy in my career and I knew that I hadn’t found my true calling in life. One of the lessons I learned was if I was to become really successful and happy in life, I’d have to work in an area I have a deep passion for. I’d have to do something I’m willing to always be a student of.

I grew up in an un-nurturing and brutal reality. I wouldn’t wish my childhood on anyone. From this awful childhood I learned something very important. My self-image was formed by a family and environment that wasn’t beneficial to my long-term success but in a way, I was lucky because at a young age, I realized that no one was going to help me succeed in life. I knew that if I wanted to make something of myself, I had to reprogram myself and debug my own mind from the unworthiness that had been programmed as a child. I started studying how to program my own self-image.

I wound up writing a book called: Success is an Inside Job. It is said you teach what you need to learn the most and there was no question about it: I needed to become 100% responsible for the caliber of information going into my mind. Over the years I’ve noticed that even if your body and mind are ready, willing, and able to learn and do whatever is necessary to get the job done, a negative self-image will totally stop you in your tracks of success.

Your self-image is formed by your daily thoughts and is the core of your being. It determines everything about you — how you will take risks, how much you’ll believe in yourself, and how motivated you are. In fact, your self-image determines your eventual success in every way — how you keep your personal appearance; how much money you make; how many calculated risks you take; how you will nurture yourself; the success of your relationships; and, even how good you are at sports. Everything is determined by your self-image. Psychologists tell us that in the first five to seven years of life, our self-image is formed by our parents, peers, teachers, and society. Much of that original picture of yourself will persist and influence how successful you are today. If, as a child, you were exposed to negative information about yourself, those negative opinions may be impacting your abilities and potential today.

Your brain is a computer and only operates within the parameters it’s been programmed with. In other words, you can only act in a manner that will match the pictures of who you think you are and what you think you can do.

For many of us, limiting pictures have been programmed in our brain, holding us back from reaching our true potential. The great news is that you have the power today to reprogram yourself with new, empowering information. You’re not stuck with old programs. If you’ve told yourself negative things about yourself, or other people have told you negative things, then start today to reprogram positive messages with your thoughts and self-talk.

Just as you can’t harvest oranges from apple trees, you can’t think thoughts of lack and reap success and prosperity. Your subconscious mind is your slave. All thoughts, fears, and emotions send pictures from the conscious mind through the nervous system to the subconscious, and the body prepares to act on the request. The subconscious mind, like the earth, simply reproduces what is planted in it. If you have thoughts about unhealthy emotions of imagined fears, worry, resentment, or guilt, the body responds with a tense feeling of nervousness, stress-related illness, tiredness, lack of energy, and creativity. Your subconscious mind will produce whatever you ask for.

As a powerful computer, it doesn’t care what information you put in, it simply acts on all information as if it were true. Shakespeare once said, “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking has made it so.”

You weren’t born with negative information about yourself. Any limiting information in your brain came from outside sources. You can’t fully utilize your potential until you decide to take responsibility for the caliber of information you put into your mind.

I’m guessing if you’ve read this far in my newsletter today, you’re seeking ways to get your exterior image and your interior image in sync.

The truth is, if you allow a negative self-image to dominate your life, it will affect all other areas of your life. If you’re not getting exactly what you want out of life, it’s time for you to update your computer software so your self-image works for you and not against you.

I’m going to suggest two very inexpensive resources that I have created that assisted me to move away from feeling insecure and unworthy and into the career I have today.

The first is my book: Success is an Inside Job and the other is a two audio program called: Reinventing Your Life: Success Self-Programming. You can find out more about each one by clicking on the titles.

I will leave you with this thought. Sooner or later you’re going to have to face the facts that you are the one who must now program your computer with current information, knowledge, and the confidence to take risks to go for what you truly want. If you’re waiting for a sign – THIS IS IT! Take back your life and give yourself the tools to be your true self.

Love and Light,
Lee Milteer

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Lee Milteer is an Intuitive Business Coach, Best Selling Author, blogger, Award winning Professional Speaker, and TV Personality. She is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching program for Entrepreneurs and is the author of eleven books and over a hundred audio and video programs. Lee is a regular guest on National TV and radio shows and has appeared as an Expert Guest on: CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CTV, QVC, PBS, and CNN.

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