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The truth is, it’s difficult to forgive people when our ego gets in the way.  We have to move past the ego and let the heart take over when it comes to our relationships.  Often I have to ask myself if I want to be right or if I want to be happy. Do you know what I mean? My spiritual self knows I must forgive everyone for everything and yet my ego often will rear its ugly head with the “logical” reason of why I should not forgive.

Sometimes it’s difficult to forgive

On the topic of forgiveness in my new video series 12 Spiritual Solutions to Everyday Problems I offer this advice: When we hold grudges, we also hold our anger towards people and therefore we’re actually stimulating the energy of the problem. We’re also agitating ourselves. We can never be at peace in these circumstances.

There are certain situations or times when someone may have done something very egregious to us and it’s very hard to forgive. The solution is to start by saying, “I forgive everyone on Earth that I have ever known, I know now, or I will ever know in the future.”  Have peace in your heart now, by going into such a broad channel of forgiveness. What this has done is allow me to forgive the people I’ve previously had a hard time letting go of. I’m not thinking about them directly. I’m just forgiving everyone.

The truth is, forgiveness is not really about them. It’s about having peace in your own heart.  Remember we’re here as light workers to spread love on earth. And the very first people to receive that love must be us…our own hearts. Many of us have allowed our hearts to close because we’ve been hurt. People have taken advantage of us. They’ve betrayed us. They’ve stolen money. You name it; they’ve done it to us.

It’s about having peace in your own heart

Our job is to realize that everyone is a child of God and that we can receive from other people what the best is in them if we start to look for it. Focus on the good. Look for the good. Don’t talk about the negative. Love yourself enough that you literally do a pattern interrupt when you find yourself having negative thoughts about someone. Thoughts are real. When you have a negative thought about another person, you’re actually sending them a poison arrow. And there is karma in everything – what you sow, you shall reap. If we have judgment about other people, if we find fault with other people, we’re actually also finding fault and judging ourselves. So instead, give everyone (including yourself) a break. Be open to healing relationships.

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Sending blessings and light to you


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Lee Milteer’s 12 Spiritual Solutions To Everyday Problems

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