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Recently, a man called my office enquiring about my interest in participating in a group summit – there were to be many highly regarded authors and speakers involved.  He talked about how I was a great match for the subject matter because of what I’m currently teaching about Energy Currency.  He told me he had followed me a while and was very impressed with my new website: and all the new course releases.

He insisted on deadlines

This was all very flattering but I felt something was amiss.  He kept saying all the perfect ego-building things, but then when he started giving me information about the Group Summit, he began to make firm demands. He said I had to send out so many emails, do x amount on social media to promote it, and give away my new video program to all attendees. Of course I could easily gift the series but his demands for the other requirements seemed like a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. We’re busy and already have so many things on the books!

I felt myself going from “wow, this sounds like a good investment of my time” to “no, this is a ton of work for me and my staff and he is overloading me with deadlines.”  The more he talked about the demands, the tenser my body became.

This is where things went south for me fast.  He ignored my offers of what I was willing and able to do and was a bit threatening about what a great positioning opportunity I would be missing.  I call this “emotional blackmail” and it’s often used if we don’t act, as others want us to. I rarely feel pushed by people but this man sincerely PUSHED me – wanting me to ignore my own rules and simply adopt his deadlines.  It was a lot more than I felt comfortable committing to for this project. I found myself losing patience with him. At the start of the call, I told him that I only had 10 minutes to speak but he took 40 minutes as he pushed his agenda. (My bad, I should have honored my own boundaries).

I felt so agitated after I got off the phone, I asked myself this important question. Did this person and situation enlighten my life or drain it? Clearly it was tempting to want to be at the right place at the right time, and I will admit in my past I have had to do things that were difficult and painful because I needed the exposure, but that is not the case right now in my life.

I wrote a very nice, short email thanking him for considering me. I told him that at this time, I had to decline because of an already very busy and full schedule. I wished him great success.

After I sent that letter, I didn’t grieve the lost opportunity.   I am old and wise enough to know from my past mistakes that things that start off stressful, difficult, or painful do not seem to get better without a lot of inner work on the situation.  (Find out more about that in my new Video Course 12 Spiritual Solutions to Everyday Problems. )

I felt a sense of peace. I did what was right for me, which was to acknowledge that IF this was the honeymoon part of the relationship— wow I needed to bail now!

So, I urge you to give yourself the same permission and not to play with difficult people because the rewards rarely justify the pain you will endure.

You will always manifest better things when you are happy!!

Be Happy & Manifest!

Sending you Love and Light


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Lee Milteer is an Intuitive Business Coach, Best Selling Author, blogger, Award winning Professional Speaker, and TV Personality. She is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching program for Entrepreneurs and is the author of eleven books and over a hundred audio and video programs. Lee is a regular guest on National TV and radio shows and has appeared as an Expert Guest on: CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CTV, QVC, PBS, and CNN.

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