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You MUST Have Integrity with YOURSELF

You MUST Have Integrity with YOURSELF

This week I want to talk about a subject most people don’t want to talk about.  It’s a subconscious block that keeps you from being successful. That subconscious block is the lack of integrity in keeping your promises to yourself and others.   You talk to yourself and promise yourself that you will complete certain projects or be somewhere at certain times or you have signed up for something and you promise to be there but you fail to show up.  You’re making commitments in the world and to yourself that you do not keep and that lack of integrity with your word is holding you back from achieving the success you desire.

The problem is – if you make commitments in the world that you’ll be at a seminar, webinar, or meeting at a certain time or you will provide something at a certain time and you don’t do it, you are only hurting YOURSELF because your subconscious mind no longer trusts you.  Meaning that your intuition and instincts will decline, you’ll have less motivation to do things and you’ll have less will-power. This happens because that part of you (your subconscious mind) has been told over and over again, “Monday morning I’m going to start that exercise program” or “I’m going to go on that diet” but then you don’t do it or how about “Tuesday, I’m going to write that sales letter or call so-and-so” and you don’t do it.  It goes on and on.

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Lee MilteerAfter a while, you alienate the number one ally that you have in life – YOURSELF.  You have lied to yourself, you’re out of integrity and have been totally flaking out.  I know these are very painful words to hear, but it’s TRUE.

Think about working with other people.  We’d all love for money to just fall from the skies, but the truth is that you have to provide a service, product or something of value to another human being that they will pay you for.  If you extend yourself and you tell a possible client, customer or patient that you or your office is going to do something and it doesn’t show up exactly the minute you said it would show up, a little red flag goes off in their head that says “that person promised me this, and they didn’t follow up.”   Now, there’s a trust issue.

I’ve learned over the years to pay attention to those red flags because if you don’t – you will be sorry.  Those red flags to me are:  someone said they’d be somewhere or provide something at a certain time and they don’t show up or do it – I already know those people are disorganized, don’t have a commitment to their word and that they are out of integrity.  So, why should I do business with this person? If they make this kind of impression on me in the beginning – it says a lot about how the rest of the relationship will be handled.

If you promise something to someone and you cannot fulfill that commitment– reach out right away to reschedule or renegotiate the terms of the commitment you made.   Apologize, give a quick explanation and ask to reschedule.  If you promise people things and you promise yourself things and you do not follow up, that can be one of the most devastating habits you can create in your life.

Our society is filled with people that do nothing but make excuses.  They are so self-centered that they think the whole world revolves around them. We have really formed a society based on an entitlement mentality.  Sadly, if you fall into that mentality accidentally by hanging out with these types of people, where you’ve lost integrity with yourself and with the people around you – this is going to hurt you financially.

You need to get in the habit of making a list DAILY of the things you are going to accomplish that day.  Put it on your calendar, blocking off time to get done those things that will move you forward in life.
If you don’t create a plan and stick to it – you won’t achieve the success you desire in life.

Once you stop lying to yourself and being a flake when it comes to your commitments to yourself and others – not only will other people notice but your subconscious mind will start trusting you again.

To Your Success,

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Your Daily Habits Make or Break YOU

Your Daily Habits Make or Break YOU

I’m sure you’re aware that the power of your mind can and will assist you to create exactly what you want and need in your life. The best way to prepare for anything in life is to imagine the end result you want. You can also use this same powerful tool to get rid of any bad habit.

For example: You can release your desire to eat things that are not for your best good, you can release the desire to enact on old habits that have needlessly caused you pain, money, and suffering by simply deciding to use your most powerful inner tool, your mind and your desire for change.

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WE are Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in what we think about ourselves. It pays for us to think positive thoughts about our future. Your imagination is your own personal workshop of the mind. In it, you can see all the possibilities of the future and exactly how to go about creating those dreams. You can rehearse the possibilities, create plans, and mentally rehearse ways to succeed, all in the privacy of your mind. Mental rehearsal is using the mind to create a better existence. Everything we create in the physical world starts as an idea. This fact of life has been proven over and over again with people who have lost weight, quit smoking, or released other frustrating habits that do not serve them well.

A growing variety of people use this powerful tool to create better lives for themselves. Business people, athletes, teachers, physicians, psychotherapists, and even dieters find mental rehearsal to be very powerful. The mind is far more resourceful and complicated than we have ever recognized.

We are always creating our reality from our thoughts. Our thoughts act like blueprints of the image we want to create. The image magnetizes and guides physical energy to flow into the form we have imagined, and allows us to manifest our desires into reality. This is simply the principle that as you sow, so shall you reap, in your thoughts and in your life. We always attract into our lives whatever we strongly believe, think about, or imagine most vividly.

I have devoted my life to the idea that as humans, we can manifest what we want. However, you have to know and understand the tools involved in making changes. I have assisted people in stopping smoking, losing up to 80 lbs, and ridding themselves of destructive behaviors. No, I did not lock them in a box and force them to do these things, I actually just assisted them to find their own Super Human power of the mind, and you can do the same.

Do You want to Overcome ANY Unproductive Behavior or Bad Habit You have, whether it is Abusing Your Body with Food, Nicotine, Losing Your Temper, Lying, Procrastination, Compulsive Shopping, or ANY other Unwanted Habit? My Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors program will literally give you the ability to take your power back from negative behaviors and habits.

Keeping it “Real”

Keeping it “Real”

Today I want to talk about something a lot of people are talking about.  It’s the concept of “Keep it real”.

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I’ve had an experience that will make you want to re-think that “Keep it real” thing.  I’ve been interviewing assistants and salespeople in my office at my publishing company in Virginia Beach, Virginia people are coming in dressed very shabbily and very, very casually.  Meanwhile, my office staff and I have dressed up for them and we’ve cleaned the office to make a good impression. We’ve shown some effort.   These interviewees are showing up in yoga pants and sweaters for professional jobs.  I was going to interview a professional sales person and this gentleman showed up in shorts!  When I got to the door and I saw he had shorts on, I instantly had no desire to interview him.  You see, if someone cannot take a little bit of time or put in the effort to show me they respect me, I have NO desire to invest in you, hire you or present you with an opportunity.

So, let’s think about this “Keep it real” phenomenon where people are showing up on webinars with stubble, looking like they just got out of bed and looking disheveled and they don’t want to dress up.  I read this article the other day about wedding dresses and the bride said, “Oh, I didn’t want to look like a tried too hard.”

This new trend of “keeping it real” is not REALLY serving you if you’re a professional, a business person or are looking to work with other people.  Here’s why:  We make our first impressions in the first 30 seconds of meeting you.  In that 30 seconds we decide:

  • How old you are.
  • What you do for a living.
  • How much money you make…. and the KEY decision is:

If we don’t respect people, we will not buy from them, we won’t trust their opinion and they will have no influence on us.

Yes, there is this thing in the business world where it’s appropriate to have a “good enough is good enough” for reports, etc.  To get the work out the door.  I believe in all of those things, but we’re just taking it too far.  Like the concept of casual Fridays becoming casual “every day.”  I’m not saying you have to dress up in a suit every day, you don’t have to be OVERLY dressed.  What I am saying to you is putting out a little bit of effort, energy, and respect for other people is very, very needed.

Not too terribly long ago, I was interviewing someone for my Millionaire Smarts® group on Skype. When my AV guy got him up on the screen, he looked like he had just gotten out of bed!  He looked sleepy, his hair was messy, he was unshaven and wearing a crumpled up t-shirt.  I was mortified!  If it hadn’t been live, I would have pulled the plug on this guy because he did NOT show respect for the people who were taking the time to listen to what he had to say.

So, we’ve heard this for a long time: “Dress for the job/ position you want.”  I never go to an event that I am not “dressed to the nines” for.  I put on nice jewelry, my hair looks nice and I look good because I actually CARE about what people think of me and I want them to know I spent some time, energy and effort to dress up, to look nice and to present myself in a professional way.

Don’t get lured into “Let’s keep it real” because what they are really saying is “Let’s just lower our standards.”  I totally disagree with that!  So, mold this into your own style and personality and what you do, but I will tell you – you probably have a lot of nice clothes rotting in your closet, going out of style just because you’re “keeping it real!”   It’s a trend I am not going to fall into.  That doesn’t mean I dress to the nines for everything I do.  But when it comes to people, clients or anything like that I do put on my best face for them and respect them because you can NEVER change that first impression!

I hope you start to dress up more.  You have nice clothes!  It will improve your confidence and you will feel good.  When you feel good, you’re actually tapping into the right and left sides of your brain which will leave people with a much more powerful memory and impression of who you are.

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