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Claim Some Time For Just You and Source

Imagine you are all alone in the quiet of your home or on retreat.  You are dressed comfortably, and relaxed.  You are already feeling better and less stressed…and you have hours, maybe even days of solitude ahead!

Within this quiet time, start to think metaphorically, in pictures, hunches, or feelings, using your imagination as much as possible. Be sure to write your thoughts down. One of the benefits of meditation is to help you achieve a relaxed state and tune out the world.  It is only when you are relaxed that you can be creative and listen to your intuition. When you are uptight, anxiety and fearful thoughts will hold you back from receiving those inner messages about what you really want for yourself.  Taking time to meditate allows you to align yourself with your highest and best good.

Creating a time each day for inner reflection and listening to yourself helps to reduce your stress and allows you to feel centered and in control of your life.  One of the greatest benefits of meditation is that it can remove you from the customary state of awareness and allow a new perception to flow into your consciousness. When practiced on a regular basis, meditation can relax and heal your body, making you more efficient mentally, creatively, and intuitively.

Meditation also results in a more balanced, integrated, and harmonious personality.  By using quiet time in this way, we are simply stilling the ordinary, habitual chatter of our minds and relaxing the tensions in our stress-reactive bodies.  It’s a very simple process. I highly recommend you invest in some courses, read some books, and research ways you can enhance your own abilities by using this powerful process.

I would also like to remind you to have DISCERNMENT about who and what you allow into your mind – because it affects your ability to know your own wisdom. Who and what you allow to influence your mind can enhance or destroy your ability to implement new ideas, create income and creative solutions, and hear your own inner messages.  Now is the time to stop allowing the news media to create mental confusion and fatigue with the relentless reporting and rehashing of catastrophic and traumatic events.  If you keep feeding yourself these daily images of despair and destruction, you may create supreme states of anxiety and hopelessness in yourself, which will stifle your intuition about what actions to take in your own life.

Your Point of Power is in claiming some time each day alone, to meditate and reconnect to the Source, and allow your creativity to come forth.

Magic and Love to you.

The Power of the Heart…and Prayer

We in the world must unite against violence. The only way to unity and peace in the world is through LOVE.  We have always known deep inside that this is the only way to defeat hate – by loving those who hate us.

The power of the heart and prayer will protect you like nothing else can. It took me many years to fully understand the power of the heart.  When I have found myself in messes in the past, it was truly the power of my connection to Infinite Intelligence that allowed me to free myself from entanglements that were not beneficial to my life and me.

I have to first get quiet and connect with my Source.  When I am upset, angry, frustrated, depressed or suffering from any other life reducing energy, I am locked out of The Flow, The Force, God Energy, Universe, Infinite Intelligence or whatever else you like to call your own direct source.  I find the fastest way to reconnect is to pray.   Or sometimes I just do deep breathing and think of beautiful thoughts or something I love.

My job is to be present at that moment and sincerely plug into source energy and send LOVE to whatever challenge I am dealing with. I also ask for divine assistance.   I release all judgment and ask for love, light and peace and harmony for everyone involved.

It is time now for the conscious souls on earth to actually start using the spiritual skills you already possess or can learn and send love into the world. Be part of the healing of the Earth’s peoples now.  Be a Light On Earth.  Send love to everyone no matter what.  This is not a romantic or emotional love, or even an intelligence kind of love.  It is flat out just the energy of Love.

Although we don’t agree with everyone, and we can still find love in our souls for people whose hearts have not yet opened. The world today is a reflection of the fear, stress, anger and confusion we hold inside of us. Find it within yourself to send love to everyone and the world will feel it. Stop being victims and proactively pray for the world and your future – and for generations that will follow.

Send LOVE and see how it transforms your reality. The more we have the energy of love the more we can heal.  Take the time daily to pray for yourself and others, world harmony and healing.  Be proactive and send positive energy INTO the energy surrounding the earth.  Envision our country, communities, neighborhoods, families and businesses thriving in love, prosperity   and harmony.  There is enough hate.  We have enough complainers and negative thinkers and we must be careful not to let them poison our minds and lives any further.  We have to take back our lives and change the direction that the world is going.  We must be the SOLUTION.

Sending YOU love and light. Please pass this ezine on to others who you feel could join us in creating a community of Light Workers – not only for the world but to improve our own wonderful experiences on this planet.


P.S.  I have a wonderful Prayer Book resource for you.  I wrote and designed it so that you can carry it with you as a “911” to deal with the insanity of life and help you stay aligned to Source.  This little pocket book, The Magic of Prayers has a user-friendly index so that you can look up your specific need and quickly find a prayer for the challenge or problem you are facing.  To be honest, I needed a specific prayer for inner peace.  I literally wrote this little book, The Magic of Prayers for me.  I create prayers all the time and have added them to a few of my books like Reclaim the Magic and Spiritual Power Tools.

I only have a limited number of these in very small books in stock so if you want one or want to gift others in your life now is the time to invest.  I will not be printing any more of this handy small version because The Magic Of Prayers was purchased by Rainbow Bridge Publishing and is being expanded to a larger version and in hardback for the bookstores this holiday season.   It is still available at under products-manifesting or e-mail for bulk purchases.

Unbecome to Become

Looking back on my life I can now clearly see the importance of learning to trust and receive information internally. I now trust my inner knowledge far more than anything that comes to me from the outside world. Acquiring this skill has helped me become the successful businesswoman I am today. Tapping into my higher self’s knowledge lets me leap to new levels of life with confidence knowing that I have a huge team of support surrounding me.

But there is yet another important message that took me awhile to understand. There are mystical energies everywhere in the world and there is an invisible presence that looks over you and guides you, if you are open to it. There is so much more to life than the eye can see.

The BIG message is that we all have this magnificent purpose. We may think we’re insignificant but the truth is we are all very significant. We’re very important in life and life prepares us for our future. I often ponder that maybe the journey of our lives is not so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be your authentic self – the one you were meant to be in the first place.

Magic and Love to you
Lee Milteer

The Way Appears

The above quote by Rumi  “As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears” has always been relevant for me from the time I started in business – with no money, no contacts and no clue how I would be able to pull anything off.  I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and envisioned what I wanted to happen.  I listened to my spirit and intuition about what to do next.  I worked hard each day on my goal of becoming what I wanted to be.  I simply trusted my inner guides that I was at the right place at the right time and I would be guided… and I was.   As I started to “walk out on the way”… the way always appeared.  It will for you too.

I know that when I left my old, very famous partnership last year (where I was paid beyond well and got tons of PR), many people thought I was crazy to give up such a position of authority.  To them it appeared counter intuitive to leave such as well-known, established organization that afforded me many benefits. Yet inside of me, I knew that what had once been great for me had ended and it was now time for something else to be great for me!

Once I fully accepted that my inner self was now guiding me to a new place, the entire world opened up for me with new ideas and partnerships.  About a year ago my partner Lily Noon and I met in Sedona Arizona to decide what we wanted to do that would have a big impact on others.  We both knew, once we got to Sedona, that a Vision Quest for Wealth Creation was the answer.

The truth is most people keep doing whatever they are doing whether or not it makes them happy- and this is very sad.  Everyone needs a pattern interrupt in their lives to clarify the necessary steps not only for personal growth but for soul growth as well.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson said:  “ The only person you are DESTINED to become is the person you DECIDE to be.”

So bottom line, I decided to expand myself and offer Vision Quest Retreats because I love helping people manifest the life they want and deserve.  It is so rewarding for me to watch my students as they go from being timid and unsure of themselves to completely changed beings that have massive confidence and clarity.  Remember the BEST project you’ll ever work on is YOU!   Life really is a fun adventure and you must use your life and time to fulfill your deepest desires.  As they say, this is not a dress rehearsal!

I will be sharing more about my upcoming events in the near future.  Why not pass along this ezine to loved ones and friends if you feel they will benefit from my teachings?  My deepest wish and intention is to help you and others discover your authentic selves and then reap the rewards of life that you deserve.

Magic and Love to you

Lee Milteer


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