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Unplug! Release! Recharge!

Many people are addicted to digital distractions, the Internet, the smartphone, TV, tablets and video games.  We don’t want to admit we are addicted but we are, and frankly it is messing up our ability to communicate with other humans.   So many social media friends yet many of us are still lonely!

We are suffering from a truly modern-day scourge of digital distraction and information-overload in the world. Our brains are constantly bombarded with negative information that destroys our ability to manifest what we want in our lives.  We are programed with fear and doubt about our desires and ability to create, which leads to depression, anger and feelings of hopelessness.  According to many mental health experts all this “connectivity” is making us feel more alone than ever and a bit crazy to say the least.

I urge you to stop the insanity and UNPLUG for a few days.  The world is going to continue 24/7 with or without you…and you need some peace and quiet.  This type of frenzied activity damages your ability to focus.  We are hardwired to respond to new things instantaneously and we are multitasking more and more.  All this makes it harder to decide what data to keep or ignore.  People can no longer concentrate and attention is fractured.  We are stressed out yet still try and expect to make important decisions.  It can’t happen.

Simply give yourself some boundaries.  What if, on weekends if possible, you decided to UNPLUG and have a life, listen to and be with your loved ones, play, rest and relax.  If you are not driving and don’t need your cell phone for safety, why not plug it in the wall and let it recharge…and you do the same.

I will share that when I am not driving I don’t carry my smart phone with me all the time.  I don’t use it at the dinner table and ignore my family and company.  I am not addicted to the Internet nor do I need to take a photo of the food I am about to eat and share it on social media.  Frankly no one cares!!

My weekends and evenings are for me to enjoy my life, my husband and my peace and quiet.  Give it a shot and I think you will discover that your need to stay connected is really only an addiction.  If people must find you – they will.  Love yourself enough to not be part of the social media disorder of Internet addiction.  Take back you life and allow yourself to actually feel and think again.  I promise you it is worth it. Just ask anyone who was with me in Sedona last week!

Magic and Love to you

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Escape and Reset

It’s important to grasp the concept that feelings are energy and they need to be acknowledged. The more you deny your feelings, the more they will push for recognition. There is value in understanding that there is an important difference between owning your negative feelings and focusing on them.

Do yourself a big favor and create an outlet that allows you to get out of your negative state of mind and honor your feelings. I will share with you that I love movies! I love going to the theater and getting popcorn and a drink and sitting there in the dark. I allow my own life to go on hold, I set aside reality for a while, and just let myself get absorbed in the movie.

I always remind myself that I am watching a movie and it’s not real…but I give myself permission to be as involved in the movie as possible.

I tell you this because some days when I think I might really do something stupid, like lose my temper, I ask myself: “How can I escape and take two hours off and reset my emotional button?” So as I just mentioned, I can reset my stress level by playing hooky and going to the movies. It works for me. There are days when my schedule will not allow this of course, but I find that when I do let my kid come out to play, and disappear for a couple of hours, I return refreshed and balanced. I always feel better and am much more productive.

When I can’t get away for two hours, I will often go take a walk and go into nature. Other beneficial outlets are nurturing activities like reading or listening to uplifting books, CDs or DVDs. Activities like fishing, bubble baths, walking, and meditation make you feel good and give you some relief from the stress that is emotionally overwhelming to you.

There are many things we can do as entrepreneurs to relieve stress, but first, you must give yourself permission to accept the idea that life is not all work. You need to reset your stress button so that you are able to be creative, productive, and successful.

Here’s something I’d like you to think about now.  What are some of the ways you could reset YOUR stress button? Be creative and proactive to find solutions…and then use them!

Magic and Love to you

Your Power is Optimism

During my lifetime and own personal experiences and the many years of coaching others, I’ve found that one of the most effective ways to control stress is by controlling what we think about it.  It’s our attitude that makes the difference when it comes to dealing with outside stress. Robert Schuller said, “Success doesn’t come the way you think it does–it comes from the way you think.”

No matter what kind of business you’re in, there are going to be days that just make you crazy with problems. The news is negative, employees let you down, and competition is beating you up. The people who thrive and prosper are the ones who take a prescriptive approach to life and monitor of the caliber of information that reaches their brain.

What is a prescriptive approach, you ask? It’s simply a way of arming yourself in advance with information to deal with whatever challenges come your way. We must arm ourselves daily with information to prevent stress and panic. No one makes good decisions when they feel cornered or trapped in an unhealthy state of mind. In fact, most of us can trace bad decisions to when we reacted to a situation instead of acting in a manner that served us.

Please always remember that you get in life what you focus on. If you dwell on limitations, you will reach them. If you focus on stress you will get more of it. You will have a better life in every way if you make the least of the worst while making the most of the best.

One attribute that elevates the outstanding from the average is the willingness to look for the positive angle in all situations. Optimists know that difficult situations and adversity bring out hidden resources and capabilities. As entrepreneurs, we must make the internal decision to excel and to rise to the occasion. Optimists choose to see opportunities where others choose to see problems. Thomas Edison said, “If we did all the things in life we were capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves.”  And another quote I enjoy is: “Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.”

Here is a thought for you today: look at the stress in your life from another perspective. Ask yourself: if I have this problem then my clients, patients, or customers might have this problem. What could I do to fix that? How could I capitalize on this problem and make money from it? What could I do to offer solutions to others to fix this problem that would bring me income or business?

Think about some of the most successful folks on earth and how their wealth was created. You will find that the people who found ways to solve other people’s problems or stress have created great success and wealth for themselves as a result. Often the person who came up with the solution actually had the same problem and when they solved it for themselves they found ways to assist others.  This also allowed them to create new products or services to offer for sale as a result.

When you are dealing with reality from an optimistic attitude and point of power you will be able to think more clearly and make better decisions, which of course will add prosperity and peace of mind. The bottom line is: Be an Optimist!

Magic and love to you


A Spiritual Diet

Sadly many of the folks we live around and work with, like to be very generous when it comes to sharing their problems, nonsense, fear, and ignorance.  Many of them seem very happy to feed you their negativity and it is imperative to remember that sometimes the diet we need to be on is a spiritual and emotional one.

It is very easy to go with the flow and simply allow negative information to enter your personal space.   Constantly exposing yourself to popular culture and the mass media will ultimately shape your reality tunnel in ways that are not necessarily conducive to achieving your Soul Purpose and Life Calling.  Be very cautious about what you feed your mind and soul. Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive action.  This has to be on your agenda daily if you wish to live a prosperous live style and feel internal peace.

Most of us want wealthy and comfortable lifestyles.  Frankly I decided at a very young age not to live in negativity and not to be “average.”  I made an internal decision to get enjoyment out of every waking moment, so I tried to learn whatever it was I needed to know.  I learned not to listen to doubting and negative thoughts but rather to focus on what is possible.  I learned that negativity doesn’t make anyone a better person, nor does having negative thoughts help us function any better in the world.  I aimed at having a spiritually aware life.

To maintain my spiritually prosperous life, I have learned that there are poor and excellent thinking habits just as there are unhealthy and healthy eating habits.  Once it clicks and you get it – and you know how to form the right thinking habits you realize that you now control much what you attract in the world to yourself.

I urge you today to employ MAGICAL THINKING!  See the good everywhere you go.  Look for the positives no matter what is going on.  Do this for 30 days and I promise your life experience will be transformed – you will be happier and healthier and more prosperous.

If you find you are not where you want to be- why not do a big PATTERN INTERUPT in your life and join me for my Vision Quest in Sedona Arizona…and allow me to assist you in finding the gold in your life. I know just where to dig!!

Magic and Love to you.
Lee .

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I am going to share a huge secret with you that I have used for years.  It has helped me far surpass most of the others in my profession.

I have this ritual I call IDEA DAY.  I have written about Idea Day and taught it in my Mastermind groups. Not only has it changed the way I work, but this “Idea Day” concept has also allowed me to leap past old limitations and produce work that has afforded me a wealthy lifestyle.

So here are the rules. I promise if you follow these “Idea Day” rules once a month, your ability to manifest will surpass anything you have ever imagined possible.

Rules for the “Idea Day” for Manifesting

1.You are to honor this appointment with yourself once a month. Have integrity with yourself – No Excuses!! Put it on your calendar.

2. Create an Idea Box. Prior to the appointed time for your Idea Day, put newsletters you want to read, important books that you mean to get around to reading (but simply keep putting off because of no clear scheduled time) into the box. Maybe there is an educational CD or DVD you have invested in that is still in its cellophane wrapper or on a shelf that you have not started but still want to learn. You get the idea. Start collecting materials that you have wanted to study but simply have never given yourself permission to take the time to do. Have the skill of awareness and determine what it is that is important for you to study and learn on your Idea Day. Use discernment about what goes into your mind so that you are able to come up with a BIG IDEA.

3. Find a place you can go where there is no access to e-mails, cell phones, or interruptions! Schedule from 9 to 5 PM and bring your lunch and snacks with you – there can be no reason or excuse for leaving your place of learning. Keep in mind that you are looking for a BIG IDEA.

4. As you are going through the material you have selected, remain aware that you are LOOKING for ideas that will make you money; ideas to make your business go to the next level, ideas to balance your life, ideas to market your business better!

5. Keep in mind that once you have the ideas, you need to find ways to IMPLEMENT them. Write down what you need to do.

6. Keep a notebook and record all of your ideas. Create a time line and a goal for manifesting your NEW Ideas.

7. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my BIG IDEA?
  • Who do I need to delegate things to?
  • Who is on my team?
  • Who can assist me in reaching this new goal?
  • What do I need to do first?
  • What is my plan to stay on target to bring this new idea to fulfillment?
  • Where will I find support?

WARNING:  Be ready to FEEL like a fish out of water.  Once you get to the selected place for your “Idea Day” it may feel very strange to be alone in the quiet. Let’s face it.  We all allow ourselves to be somewhat consumed day in and day out with busy work and checking emails, answering our phone and allowing others to interrupt us – so much so that we may not even know what it feels like to have a true quiet-time learning experience.

I will promise you that if you honor yourself and do this once a month, with NO excuses, there are some immediate things that will happen.

a)    You will feel good about actually doing some productive work that will lead to improving your life and business.

b)    Second, you will seed your mind with new thoughts, actions, and examples of how to make your business bigger and better.

I will share with you that at this moment I am in a hotel room that I booked a day ahead of a speaking engagement.  I brought with me all the materials I need to work on a new Big Idea.  I am not at home, – no puppy to tempt me.  The office cannot call me.  Nothing is standing in my way and I have the time and space to really get serious about creation!

Please honor yourself and do this exercise if you want to be prolific in your life and truly want to use your talents and abilities in the way they were intended.  Please share the results with others and me by leaving a comment on this blog!

Love to you,

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