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On Being A Lightworker

I know, because you are here with me today reading this, that you are special.  You may not realize it yet…. but I know.  So let me try to help some of you along who are still thinking in only the “human realm”.

6 Tips For Lightworkers

1. First, give up the old belief you are just a small helpless human.  You are a magnificent creator that is connected to the Infinite Intelligence.  Truth is you are co-creating your life each day with your thoughts and actions.  Know that right now you have the ability to shift your life and recalibrate your energy direction. 

2. Give up the past for it is gone.  It is a closed door that no one can enter. You cannot retrace your steps.  Your real power is this very moment in time to make a new decision and focus your life force in a new direction.  Your future IS determined by the beliefs you have today of what is possible, the quality of your thinking and the actions you take in the world.

3. As a Divine Soul your job is first to love and honor yourself so you have the ability to use your life energy in ways that not only serve you but also help others. The more you honor yourself, and the contributions you make to life, the more clarity you will have on what and how to use your life energy in positive ways.

4. Join other life enhancing communities of people who are also Lightworkers so you feel connected on earth.

5. Make time to read something each day and expose yourself to information that uplifts you so that your true power can emerge and you are the living embodiment of your true authentic self. Turn off your television and the daily news.

6. Make plans every year to spend some time in spiritual environments with other like-minded souls so you can be renewed and refreshed.  It is only by honoring yourself and attending spiritual events in healing locations that you can find your real self again and reignite your souls passion

I am hosting a “lightworking” event in Sedona Arizona June 20-23, 2016. It is called A Vision Quest for Wealth Creation and it is limited to only 30 people under my direction.  It will be intimate and life changing both from a spiritual and wealth-creating perspective. You see, I am a true believer in the importance of wealth.  One of my callings – my area of service to others- is helping them recognize that it’s ok to be rich and spiritual too!  Because having money allows you the freedom to structure your life in a way that you can help others easily!

Some who have registered for my event are already serious “lightworkers” and others are just beginning their journey. It doesn’t matter.  There are still 2 spots available.  Please treat yourself and join me in Sedona!

With love and light




I want to stress the power of the quote I just shared with you: What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life.” 

Years ago my mentor suggested I stop flying coach and really test myself and start flying First Class.   I remember thinking: Wow, it is so much money for such a short period of time… is it worth it?  Growing up poor had certainly made me frugal for years…and I am still vey careful when it comes to using my resources.

Flying first class was a big test for me – could I treat myself this well…. after the many flights and hours I had spent living on the road as a professional speaker?   Could I make the mental shift to flying “up front” and would the law of attraction naturally kick in?  After all, my mentor had always reminded me of how important it is to “show up” where the “right people” hang out in life in order to make contacts, get new work, and experience the wealthy side of life.

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can share with you that over the years I have benefited greatly from my decision to move “up front”.  I have met important CEO’s who would never have known I existed IF I had not been sitting next to them. Many interesting conversations took place and business cards were exchanged. Because of these connections, I have been able to work with some wonderful organizations that eventually became good clients.  It certainly was and continues to be a fabulous investment for me in terms of client acquisition!

I have also had the good fortune to sit with people who have given me exposure and great subject material for books and blogs…like the time I sat with Bill Clinton on a plane from Chicago that was delayed for several hours. He ended up giving me a ride to my hotel in the Governor’s limo (with his secret service detail) since I was speaking to his health group in Little Rock Arkansas for my book “Success Is An Inside Job”.  That meeting led to many media interviews because I wrote about it.  In First Class I have also found myself beside many famous athletes, musicians, politicians, CEOS, movie and TV stars!  The experience and chance to meet such a vast array of celebrities has been priceless and well worth the cost of admission.

This is the law of attraction at work.  But I had to take action – make the first move – both physically and mentally. I had to feel, think and believe that First Class was where I belonged. Then, almost magically I began to attract the people I was meant to know and work with.  And since then it’s been up up and away…and I will never allow myself to drift back down.

If I can do this…then so can you.

Would you like to learn more about how to attract real wealth (and keep it)?  If so, please join me and 29 other amazing individuals in Sedona Arizona one month from now (June 20-23, 2016) at my upcoming event – A Vision Quest For Wealth Creation!

Hurry please.  Only 4 spots left at time of this writing.

Love and blessings,

P.S. The Vision Quest For Wealth Creation is being held at L’Auberge de Sedona – a luxury 5-star property in the heart of Sedona.  I think by now you know why!

Don’t Take It Personally

One of the most difficult lessons for everyone on earth to understand is that you must not take what other people say or do personally. Yes, of course it feels personal!! When people are rude, difficult and trying to take advantage of me I sincerely want to confront them and I often do but only in a way that keeps me safe.

I learned a starling fact from a number of mental health professionals; that 25% or more of the world population is mentally ill. Some people say that up to 40% of the population have mental problems. Clearly there has never been time in history where there is more stress, confusion, anger and polarization of views than right now. I am certainly aware that people are on more drugs (legal and illegal) and dealing with more dysfunctional environments and bad mental programing. Most people feel like victims and have so much pent up anger that they take it out on anyone or anything they can.

Your point of power is to calm yourself down before you confront someone so that you do not personally cause a situation to escalate that may put you in harm’s way. Take a few deep breaths, tap into your intuition and ask yourself a question about what’s happening. What will be the result of me confronting this person right now? Would it be better for me to write a letter to the company or call the boss? The point of this “question” strategy is to pull yourself out of being the victim and allow the higher part of you to gauge the correct action.

Of course we must always be aware of our own ego – no one likes to be treated inappropriately and rudely. And it can become dangerous when you let the ego rule. While confrontation may feel good in the moment, there can be serious consequences – possibly even for your safety. I will tell you that I grew up on a ranch and I am not a shrinking violet! When I get mad I do not feel 5 foot 6 but rather I feel 6 foot 5 and fear no one. My father raised me as a boy and I learned to not only defend myself but to stand up for myself.

Frankly that is all good…but as a person of higher consciousness I know better than to allow that first response to happen. I now stop and ask myself – what is my second response or my third? I have learned that when dealing with unconscious people I must not expect them to act CONSCIOUSLY. Arguing with an unconscious person is a waste of time. They are simply unconscious and do not see life as I see it.

So the bottom line folks is to take a deep breath when dealing with unconscious people and yes speak up at the appropriate times but never take their behavior personally. It is not about you – it is about them. Sure, feel free to call the boss or write the president of the company a letter if you feel like it and then just move on with your life. Don’t let one bad apple ruin your day.


End Your Internal War About Money Once and For All

Most people have no clue that they are at war internally about money.  We were bought up with serious programs that are still in our subconscious minds today.  Think about the sayings around money – we’ve all heard them forever! Money is the root of all evil. Money is the great destroyer.Money cannot buy happiness or peace of mind. Money makes us greedy. Money controls us.  Money is our prison. Money hardens the heart.

These are just a few of the seeds of discord that may have been installed into your mind and are still actively causing you massive pain.  The truth is we are all in a relationship with money whether we want to admit it or not. We fight, we struggle about money and the vicious cycle never seems to cease. But here’s something you must understand. Our beliefs about money determine how much we attract to ourselves and keep. Beliefs create our reality. They influence what we see and they filter out the facts.

Most people believe to the core of their being that they need to struggle, starve, and work hard for a better life.  Frankly these insidious and outdated beliefs keep most people in the dark about money and inhibit them from attracting it into their lives.

What if you could strip away all your old outdated beliefs about money and release all the fear and doubt that now surrounds it?  What if you could actually relax about money?  Well, I am here to tell you that it is possible.  I know this can be done because I am living proof.  I was one of those souls who came to this earth with parents who gave me the worst money advice possible.  Very early on, I knew that I would never be wealthy doing what my parents did and living in their world.

So I worked hard to learn from true masters how to manifest.  I was shocked when I started to learn the secrets of money and that there are actual formulas for money success.  I learned that money is a tool for the soul.  Money is a funnel that directs the broad light of one’s soul into the real and tangible world with amazing consequences. The truth is that money is neutral.  Money is an empty vessel waiting to be filled with our intentions, our mission, our passion and our soul.

And let me state right now that abundance does not and should not just refer to money.  We all want, healthy joy and happiness.  But we also need to understand that money is a tool that can make positive impact in the world.   We all need money and it is just an energy tool.

If you are struggling now and working very hard but the money just does not flow into your life using the talents and abilities you were born with, then please check out my Wealth Creation Vision Quest Retreat in Sedona Arizona taking place June 20-23, 2016.  We now have 4 spots left.  There will be 30 lucky souls joining me who will find their own personal power to wealth creation.  Will you be one of them? The only person stopping you from achieving what you want is you.  This must feel right to you.  Those of you who are in alignment will heed this call and take action.

Sending love and light


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