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Enjoy NOW!

Ask yourself: when is it your turn to have fun? If you don’t pull out your calendar and book time off, small vacations, trips you want to take, time with your loved ones and for your own self-care and healing – then trust me – it will not show up in your life! You must give yourself permission right now to take some time off…and then book it!

Stop putting off enjoying your life because there are no guarantees you’ll be here tomorrow! The truth is you are designing your own life and if you are not having much fun then it’s time to look in the mirror and have a talk with yourself. It’s important to stop the pain and start to schedule some really creative and fun time just for you. If there is a hobby you have wanted to explore; today is the day to make a few phone calls or Google search and get yourself started! Stop putting things off and waiting for a more convenient time….life doesn’t happen that way.

I am a big believer in being in the Now. So since we have no idea when it is our turn, how about giving yourself a break and scheduling some time off and fun adventures for YOU. Let’s not allow life to fall back into regret. Do the things today you know are important to you.

For example, I sit down every morning and write 3 to 5 cards to people I appreciate and love. I don’t want another person in my life to pass away without knowing how much I care about them.

Today, right now, tell the people you love that you love them, send flowers to the living while they can enjoy them! Be nice to yourself and realize that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Despite what many think, it’s never money or your material possessions that really make you happy; it’s your relationships with others and yourself. Happiness is enjoying life on your terms and doing things that inspire and thrill you.

If you are not currently engaged in a great hobby or you’re putting off something you love doing and that makes you truly happy, please make it a priority and get started… because there is an entire world out there waiting for you to have fun with!


Become A Lifetime Learner

I have been a lifetime learner for as long as I can remember and it has served me well.  I never try to figure things out on my own.  The first time I went snow skiing I remember my friends all deciding not to take lessons to save money. They all went out on their own… a couple got hurt, and another one got so frustrated she just quit. I decided to take the lessons.  This meant I did not learn any bad habits that I would have to overcome in the future and my progress was much faster.

I see this mentality all the time in business and life.  People think they will save money by not hiring a coach or attending a seminar or some learning classes on how to master a new skill.

Realistically this is not a resourceful strategy.  In the long run it will cost you more money and set you up for frustration and failure. I remember reading the famous book “ Think and Grow Rich “ by Napoleon Hill in my teen years and knowing then that I needed to “hang around” people who knew how to get wealthy…especially since my family were seriously into “poverty thinking”. They certainly were not going to give me any “insider knowledge’ about leveraging my talents to become successful.  My mother’s fav saying was: “If our boat comes in—we will be at the bus station.”  Then she would laugh.  Her programing was very strong – it was always the “other” people that would get the lucky breaks and big money.  Sadly she was a self-fulfilling prophecy and our family would always struggle for money.

As I have shared before I became very determined to become wealthy because for me wealth meant freedom.  My highest priority has always been and still is autonomy, and when you have money you are free – not trapped  in jobs, relationships or situations.
I became a student of prosperity!

I have spent my life reading every book, going to every seminar and finding coaches on manifesting prosperity. How about you?  This saved me years of time building my wealth base, and I’m happy to report that I am totally debt free, which I credit to this intense search and study throughout my life.   I align myself with other successful people who are also intense learners of the universal wisdoms and secrets to creating real wealth.  Remember wealth is not just all money – it’s also about using your natural talents to create a balanced, happy and healthy life.

Every dime and time I have invested in myself has come back to me 1000 fold.  What you focus on becomes stronger.  Instead of allowing my old programing and family beliefs hinder my progress, I broke out of the mold and ventured into new territories of learning and associations that literally propelled me into a new world of wealth.  I would love to share this information with you!

If you are interested in breaking out of the fear and doubts of the past and want to overcome your inability to manifest money, please join me and 30 other like minded individuals at my Wealth Creation Vision Quest in Sedona Arizona, June 20-23. There are not many spots left, so please don’t take too long to decide. I’m very excited by the registrant list so far…and the breakthroughs that will happen during our time together. Please stop wishing and DO something proactive for yourself NOW.  Here’s the link for information on the event!

Click here for Information on Vision Quest Sedona, 2016

Love and Magic to you


It’s Time To Fly “Up Front”

If you want to attract wealth into your life YOU have to be sincerely conscious about how you treat yourself.  As I have shared, I now fly first class on all long flights.  But for over twenty years, I flew economy class to over 100 cities each year trying to save money…and I brutalized myself in doing so.

At some point I was so burned out that I decided to include a clause in all my future business agreements that stipulated flying first class.  At first I was nervous I might lose some “gigs” with clients because I was demanding to fly first class.  To my shock, not one client objected and to my knowledge I did not lose any gigs with anyone – after all it was NOW part of my agreement!

I realized that the ONLY PERSON WHO HAD BEEN HOLDING ME BACK was me.  I had never asked for what I needed.  As I have confessed before, the old people pleaser within me kept me from really being clear about what I wanted and how I wanted to be treated.

In the past I had always flown economy, saving the money for a real vacation.  I secretly wanted wealth in my life but I was not willing to treat myself to first class!  How on earth did I expect the Universe to supply me with what I had not even been clear about to myself?

Look, I am not saying here you have to fly first class and this is just an example – but you must start believing that you deserve to fly “up front” and know that by doing so you will actually treat your body, mind and spirit in a better way.

So let’s stretch this concept:  What are you doing right now to let your inner Wealth Consciousness know that you are serious about having prosperity flow to you?  If you know deep inside that you have not done a grand job of programing your own wealth consciousness up to this point, then why not join me and only 30 other likeminded spiritual and metaphysical souls on a Vision Quest to awaken the wealth attractor within?   Come and be treated like a King or Queen at my Wealth Creation Retreat in Sedona, Arizona June 20-23, 2016.  You can learn all about it at

Magic and Love to you!

A Few Confessions

Confession!  I had honestly wanted to do this upcoming ART Retreat for years but I put it off …always giving in to the other things competing for my time. When it popped up on my radar again this year, I knew that the only way to get myself there was to make a personal commitment – and that is exactly what I did.

And you have to this too.  Whatever you are thinking about doing right now that will propel your forward in your career or give you that much needed boost or personal time – I urge you to make a decision, take action and go forth.  Life will go on.

So in spite of the fact that this art retreat falls right in the middle of a very busy speaking and travel time period…I will be there.  Yes, I had to have a talk with myself for sure – but deep down I knew that I would go this time because not doing so would mean not putting myself first. It would mean NOT HONORING MYSELF.

One of the important rules of manifesting is to take care of yourself first.  Growing up poor I had other programing – it was to take care of everyone but myself first.  It took many years to get to where I am now – super conscious of my time, who gets it, how to leverage it and use it for my goals.  If you want to be truly wealthy and have the freedom that comes with it, as I do, then you must treat your body, mind, spirit and money with great honor and respect.

Personally, I attend spiritual, artistic and some left-brained business retreats a few times a year just to stay sane, be on the top of my game and nurture my creative flows. So this year I made the Art retreat happen by shifting a few things around and calling in a few favors that were due me.  I had a meeting with my team and asked them to help me make this trip happen. We often overestimate the importance of things just because they are on our schedule when they can easily be moved.

I always ask myself…who is writing this life story about Lee Milteer?  Well, it damn well better be me!  Why do we so easily sacrifice our wants and needs to accommodate others, who frankly would not do the same for us???

One final confession today.  I am a recovering “Pleaser”.  After years of trying to win the love of my family, neighbors and others by trading my needs for their approval and love, I came to the painful realization that none of it mattered or made a difference. I learned the hard way that no one was going to take care of me…except me.

So until I talk at you next week I hope all this has started you thinking about taking care of yourself first.  It’s not selfish at all – it’s a life requirement. 

And if my Vision Quest For Wealth Creation in Sedona, June 20-23, 2016 sounds promising and exciting (it will blow your mind and increase your net worth dramatically) then I urge you to get your application in today.  The clock is ticking and only a few spots left as of this morning.

Magic and Love to you!


P.S On face book there are two pictures of my artwork from a couple of weeks ago…check it out!

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