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Freedom or Entrapment – It’s Your Choice

Our thoughts and perceptions create either a wonderful path to a life of wealth and ease or an invisible cage that entraps us, bottles us up and destroys the way we live.  We all have blind spots, those mental and/or physical blockages that cause a lack of success in relationships, health, wealth, or business.  Alone it is difficult to recognize them…although that they may be obvious, much like my coaching client that I described earlier.

We need to have someone who is not attached or close to us look for and share new areas for our improvement and growth.  Yes, it might be a tad painful to admit that we are doing things to ourselves that continue to be unproductive and harmful.  However, simply having someone who is not emotionally involved point out our blind spots allows us to take the first step towards change.  We can finally shift our energy and move towards the positive results that we want to experience.

I have personally witnessed people with huge blind spots that are often manipulated and taken advantage of by others.  And it can be vey embarrassing if others use your weaknesses to their own advantage…and you’re totally oblivious to it all.

Here’s an example.   I had a woman coaching client a number of years ago whose dishonest partner set her up as the fall person for a bad deal.  My client’s blind spot was that she was loyal to a fault and her loyalty blinded her from seeing the truth – that her partner had willingly put her in harm’s way.  Even after the event she refused to acknowledge the duplicity of her partner…until I began to work with her. Once I was able to open her mind things shifted quickly.

My personal preference has always been to deal with professionals who are also very intuitive.  It’s not that other professionals are ineffective – it’s just that intuitive coaches pick it all up so much more quickly and are able to immediately identify the blind spots…and also provide workable solutions.

We are human – we all have BLIND SPOTS.  But here’s an interesting fact. Most “blind spots” that I encounter in my work are wealth related – all about money – and stem from a variety of personal issues. These are the most insidious and harmful of all blind spots and they are often very deeply rooted.

During my upcoming Vision Quest Retreat this June in Sedona Arizona I will teach and focus on this very significant problem – WEALTH Blind Spots.  And here’s the thing.  Once you understand and identify your blind spots, I will show you how to blast them apart and rid them forever from your being. Yes – there is a very specific way to do this and I have rarely, if ever, shared it publicly before.  You will be amazed to learn how easy it is to make all the money or wealth that you desire in life, once you rid yourself of this impediment.

If this sounds right to you and you are in alignment, then please join me in Sedona for four unforgettable days that will change your life forever.  Just 30 lucky people will be with me.  Will you be one of them?

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Truth and Justice Among Friends

We all have tough decisions to make about when to speak up and when to hold our thoughts. In this case, when I spoke up and defended my friend’s honor, I knew before I said anything there would be consequences from this verbal abuser. I also knew she would continue her attacks unless someone stood up to her. I was well aware of other stories of people crossing her and being banished forever from her social circles. But for me there was no option. I knew what was right… and I felt morally obligated to speak up and defend my friend who literally was innocent of all her lies and slander.

After this tense altercation, the circle of women broke apart although many of them approached me individually with a “thank you” for speaking up. Truth is, they felt the injustice that was taking place but were helpless to say or do anything about it. Many had business relationships with the “dentist” and really did not want to jeopardize them or be ostracized from her lavish parties.

I was aware of the internal dilemma of these women who chose not to speak up or even support me. I wasn’t upset with them, because I understand most people really do not want to be seen as being confrontational. Personally however, I don’t have a challenge with saying what I think or feel and if you’ve heard me speak or read my books you know this to be true. I believe the Truth will always set you free!

For me, the choice of speaking up to defend a good person and friend who was being publicly slandered versus the consequence of never being invited to certain parties in the future was a no brainer. I had to defend a good person. Will I miss the parties? Not really. I get invited to lots of parties. I clearly have no desire to attend the “slanderer’s” upcoming events – especially knowing that I am probably the next on her list!

What do you do when faced with possible punishment or social repercussions for speaking the truth? It is best to speak up in the most positive way possible. Don’t make it personal and never lower yourself to another person’s level if things go south. Speak from the perspective of personal experience. Keep in mind that nothing you can say or do usually changes anyone else’s mind.

Nothing beats being able to look at yourself in the mirror and know you have been honest and done the right thing at the right time.

So your point of power here is to remember everyday that you have the choice NOT to take things personally. People are who they are and always show their true colors through their actions and choice of words. Just be the best you can be and life will take care of itself. You will find that the right people, those who you are in alignment with and you want to spend your time and energy with will show up! I promise!

Magic and Love to you.

P.S If you are not aware of your Wealth Blind spot I can help you with that. Just finding out exactly what you have been thinking, believing or doing that has been unconsciously sabotaging you will shift your life and your income big time.

More on this coming soon!

A Calling From Deep Within

We have been programmed to be logical and analytical in our thinking to the point that we have almost forgotten the intuitive, creative part that lies within us – our feelings. Since yesterday’s programming or ideas cannot solve all of today’s challenges or allow us to capitalize on new opportunities, we must create our own destinies by learning to listen to our inner selves and by using our inborn talents more effectively.

One of the biggest secrets of life is that you must feel successful before you can create it in your outer world. Our emotions create our behaviors; our behaviors create our results and success. Our lives are therefore driven by our emotions and how we feel about ourselves…. and the world.

After years of being a business coach and professional speaker presenting seminars around the world, I have observed that you can give people all the proven external techniques and strategies to succeed in any subject, but if they don’t feel they can do something… they won’t. We are self-fulfilling prophecies. Our feelings determine what we aspire to be and what we can accomplish in life. Our feelings determine how many calculated risks we will take and how confident we are in any endeavor. Depending only on our thinking abilities leaves us lacking in motivation, passion, and excitement. Without the essential ingredients of feeling powerful, we will not muster the necessary energy to inspire ourselves to go for our dreams and goals.

Life in today’s world holds an infinite number of possibilities for you to apply your talents in ways you may never have dreamed of. But first, you have to know you have the power to write your own life script.

Many people from around the world write to me and ask how they can break away from the old limiting views of life that they have been programed to believe are true. The answer is to learn the secrets of taking charge of your future and enlarging the repertoire of the resources you have to nurture the inner creator. That’s one of the reasons I created my upcoming retreat: Magic, Mystery and Ritual – A Vision Quest with Lee Milteer – to assist you in becoming more proactive in life and not just letting life happen to you.

So you might be thinking: What’s different about this Sedona Full Moon retreat?

Attending my retreat will transform your life and expand your boundaries to claim for yourself new territories of the mind and spirit. The caliber of information and feelings that you put into your mind will determine the quality of life you experience. I have created three and half amazing days of magic, mystery and ritual that will allow me to assist you in releasing your old fears, grudges, and anger and help you to discover your soul’s true purpose. You will benefit from the energy of the Sedona vortexes and truly expand your awareness! You will finally break free from old patterns that are holding you back from truly going for what you want in this life. YES!

The time is NOW. Take the leap and go for what you want in life! Stop thinking and perhaps regretting that life is passing you by. Join me please June 20- 23 in Sedona Arizona for the Magic, Mystery & Rituals Vision Quest!

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Magic, Mystery and Ritual – A Vision Quest with Lee Milteer

Love and Magic to you Lee

The Adventure Of Life

Years ago my husband was murdered on Christmas Eve. At first it was hard to share this party of my life story – but now most of you know about it and if not, it is in my book, Reclaim the Magic. What I learned from that horrific experience was never to wait for my life to happen. Not to let fear and doubt rule me. I learned to take action and go for what I want.

I have always loved the writer Ralph Waldo Emerson. He said: “Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” I have taken that advice very literally in the sense that I am all about what I like to call “The Adventure of Life’. I want the experience of meeting new people and learning from them, traveling around the world and seeing the wonders of the earth. I want to seriously live and enjoy the gifts of life and not be timid, afraid and waiting for my life to happen.

I hope you will take the next 11 minutes and open your mind to what hidden assets you have within your reach that you are not utilizing for your own highest and best good. And folks, please do pass this video and message on to your friends, kids, family and anyone who needs a wakeup call to really start living again instead of just existing.

Watch this short video that I just recorded for you now: 

Easy Steps for Manifesting Specific Desires

Magic and Love

Follow Your Heart

Many times in our careers and lives we feel unfulfilled and unhappy because we have set goals that don’t answer our deepest needs, whether we selected those goals for ourselves or allowed others to do it for us through their influence on our choices.

For example, I went to school with a very talented young man, John, whose father and grandfather, were very successful attorneys. As a small child, even before he began school, it was made clear to John that they expected him to become part of the family law firm. Although he displayed incredible artistic ability throughout his schooling, he was never encouraged by his family to develop this talent.

After John graduated law school and joined the family’s law practice, he became increasingly unhappy and unfulfilled in his work and life. As time went on, he gained weight and developed high blood pressure and ulcers. Eventually, after ten years of frustration, John had a nervous breakdown. When he recovered, he left his family’s business and began his own art school for children. Today he is not making the same money as he would have as a lawyer, but he is a totally changed man. For the first time in his life he is happy, healthy, full of energy, and at peace with himself. He is now building a new life that suits his inner desires and talents. He has found a career that gives him peace of mind and joy. That clearly ranks as one of the most important measures of success for anyone in life.

We cannot go through life fulfilling other people’s desires and expect to be happy ourselves. A winner is someone who sets his or her own goals, commits to those goals, and then pursues those goals with all the ability they possess. To be in complete harmony with ourselves is much more important than impressing others. Peace of mind simply means that we are free from anger, guilt, and fear. To achieve such a state of mind allows us to use the unlimited potential we all have within us. You have to start to live from your own heart and do what you love.

If you are not where you want to be in life, it is time to do something dramatic and powerful to wake yourself up.  Please join me for my first annual Vision Quest Retreat -“Magic, Mystery & Rituals: A Sedona Vision Quest”. During this retreat, you will release fears and doubts and old wounds that have held you back. Together we will create a new vision for the life you desire.  You will receive the tools and support you need to move forward to the new you. You are the only one that can make the life-changing decision to attend…and I will be there with you all the way. Give yourself a gift that will seriously change your destiny and future.

There is extremely limited seating for this very powerful retreat. Click here to learn about Magic, Mystery & Rituals:  A Sedona Vision Quest taking place in Sedona Arizona June 20-23, 2016.

I look forward to spending time and assisting you in finding your heart’s calling…and if you already know what that is…I’ll help you get there!

Love and magic to you.


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