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What is Real Wealth?

What is Real Wealth?

We are powerful
broadcasting stations!

You need to have what I call “prosperity consciousness” in your life. Increasing this level of awareness enables you to become more self-confident, self-trusting, and have great self-esteem. These new empowering traits will help you generate and create wealth and financial security.

Begin today by letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve you. The more open-minded you are, the more opportunities, thoughts, feelings, and percep­tions come to you, which means that you are in tune with the energy of now.  When you are open, you can see opportunities and then take action towards them. Here is the truth:  You are the source of your wealth.  You must take 100% responsibility for your own abundance because you are the source of your own riches.  There is no security in life except for the abilities, talents, and skills you have to take care of yourself and the attitude you will do whatever it takes.

The greatest power we have to direct and control our life is through our thoughts. Thoughts are real. They are like sunshine and radiate out. Each one of us acts as a powerful broadcasting station sending out positive or negative vibrations. The universal law, not a concept, is that like attracts like and our thoughts attract people and things that match those thoughts. One of the greatest rules of success for creating abundance is to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Whatever you focus on is what you will get – energy follows thought. The more you focus on being poor, the poorer you will become. The more you focus on abundance and the more you picture it, the more you will do to get it. But you must take responsibility for your dreams and goals and be willing to take action to attain them.

Since you are reading my ezine you know me and know I am all about helping people truly manifest what they want in life.  Sadly, most people don’t know how to use universal principles to really attain a wealthy life.  I’m happy today to invite you to join me at my upcoming retreat …”A Vision Quest With Lee Milteer”.  The retreat is June 20-23 in Sedona Arizona and is for anyone who wants to really get serious about manifesting a better life that is filled with prosperity, ease, and joy.  I will help you release limiting programs and design new patterns to help you move past fear, doubt, failures, and financial lack. It is time you do something different if you want different results in the world. You can get all the information here:

YES!  I’d like more information on Lee’s Upcoming Vision Quest Retreat

I want to have a small, intimate gathering of only 30 people. Since our announcement last week, a number of retreat slots have already been reserved so please do not wait. This life-changing event will sell out fast. It is my desire to truly assist people to find themselves and have a good time while doing so.

Remember the dreams that used to excite you but have been completely forgotten?  Since we are self-fulfilling prophecies, you need to move past old pictures in your mind and boundaries you have set up around what you can achieve, have, create, and deserve. Those limiting beliefs were yesterday’s thoughts. I can and will help you do this. Join us at the Sedona retreat and tap into that unused 85 percent of potential (talent, ability, and creativity) that you have within you to create the life you truly want.  It is not too late!

YES!  I’d like more information on Lee’s Upcoming Vision Quest Retreat

Love and Magic to you


The Questions Are the Secret

The Questions Are the Secret

Asking questions is a
critical process

The skills I developed from all those nights around the oak table have given me a future brimming with opportunities…and it will also work for you or anyone having the courage to ask questions and seek new solutions. In fact, you now have the opportunity to create a life that is much more aligned with your own personal destiny – your deepest needs – a life that may well bring you far more satisfaction. So that’s the good news.

It’s not that your “Past Dreams” didn’t come true; it’s simply time to conjure up a new dream, do a little soul-searching and become clear on exactly what you want. Not what your parents wanted, not the “Dream” that has been passed down from generation to generation, but your own unique future that you can dream into being. You begin that process by asking questions.

You see, asking questions is a critical process. By asking questions, you can outline all the available choices and determine a host of possible solutions. Then, you can receive valuable information you might not have thought of if you hadn’t asked questions. The questions and answers will help you begin to develop strategies to take back your life and your personal power to create anything you want that you are willing to pay the price for!

Today, I realize that effective thinking is actually the function of asking and answering questions. You see, in order to master your life, you must first master your thoughts. Your brain is simply a sophisticated computer. When asked a question, it goes into “search mode” to find the answer. The subconscious mind is the database from which a vast storehouse of answers is derived. And you can’t access the database until you “key in” the question. Then, your brain obediently offers up its information on anything you ask – just like a computer. The secret to success is to become aware of how to ask intelligent questions. Then you must listen to get the answers that will allow you to take positive steps toward achieving the results you want in your life.

In case you missed it, last week I announced that I am conducting a life-changing event in Sedona, AZ June 20-23, which is the full moon and Summer Solstice!  Now is an important time to release old inner wounds from the past and create a brand new life for you. This is not your typical seminar…I can assure you.  One very important subject that I will cover and help you with at this event is moving past FEAR.  You simply do not have to be burdened with fear or doubt in the future and this retreat will assist you to truly come into your own manifesting powers. To allow me to successfully work with everyone I have limited the registration to only 30 people.  Go here to get all the information:


Not A Fair Exchange

Not A Fair Exchange

Shift your giving power

We teach people how to treat us.  By not speaking up or being a good example, we allow their current entitlement attitude to really take hold. In the long run, this isn’t good for anyone.

Be bold, be daring, be true to yourself!  If you are giving to others and there is only entitlement and expectation with no fair exchange of energy in return, then do something different.  Stop expecting people who feel entitled and self-absorbed to actually be different. Instead, it’s you who must change. Take your love, money, and time and shower it on those who are truly in need. Give the money, time, and effort to a charity, soup kitchen, animal shelter, or to any other type of deserving souls who truly could use a hand of love and help.

Dare to stop traditions of giving spoiled, lazy people more material stuff in an attempt to win their affection and love.  Dare to make a real difference in someone else’s life – someone who will truly benefit from your contribution.  Let go of the belief that you must give gifts to people who never acknowledge your efforts, and just give to those who are truly in need.

My best Christmas of all time was when I went to some local churches and found 6 families who had fallen on hard times and didn’t have money for gifts for their children. It was right around the time where people were getting laid off by the masses, and there were several breadwinners who lost their jobs right before the holidays. I played Santa’s wife and got all the sizes of the children and got them shoes, coats, toys, and electric blankets for everyone, including the parents for all 6 families. The look on their faces when I delivered these gifts on Christmas Eve was something I will never forget. I never even told them my name but the Minsters of the churches all thanked me profusely for helping these families have a better holiday.

So I challenge you to stop feeling hurt, upset, and frustrated. Give yourself a break.  Have a bit of love for yourself and stop giving to people who are too lazy or entitled, or who think that thanking someone is not necessary. Save your money, time, and efforts and refocus your energy to give to those in real need. We can only shift the world through conscious behavior.

I am pretty active on Facebook posting my thoughts:  I am known for not being politically correct, but for speaking the truth.  Frankly, I find that most people are afraid of actually saying what they really believe in fear of rocking the boat.

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Take Back Your Power

Take Back Your Power

It’s time to take
back your power

One of my strategies this year is to review my life, from the perspective of the value of those who I spend time and work with – from vendors who do everything from cell service to insurance coverage. I know that my own business would suffer if I were to go on autopilot (like my old insurance agent elected to do). I would lose my clients because they’re used to getting great service. We all deserve good service.

You see, I know that I’m worthy of great service… so I’ve been asking myself who is really taking care of me and who has gone on autopilot?  I’m reviewing whom and what I read, what email publications I receive, who is in my life, and who needs to go. I just ended a decade-long business partnership because the sad truth is we are no longer in alignment. Their direction and my direction have shifted. This doesn’t mean they were wrong or bad, it simply means that I knew in my heart and intuitively that I wanted to use my skills, talents, and experience with people who are on the same page as me.  Has that ever happened to you?

Unfortunately, the longer you work with some people, the more they are likely to take you for granted. With the intense global competition today, it is of great benefit to you to exert your personal power and take time at least once a year to review your personal and business relationships.  If you notice a nagging feeling that something isn’t right, honor your intuition and that feeling.  Investigate until you are satisfied that continuing the relationship is truly in your best interest.

Many people wait for “spring-cleaning” to remove the old, unneeded, and non-beneficial things in their lives, but I suggest you get ahead of the game and do it now.  It is only by removing the old that you open a space for new and revitalizing things to come into your world.

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