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What’s Your Personal Truth?

What’s Your Personal Truth?

Don’t follow like sheep

Do you know your own personal truth? Often in social situations I hear people give their opinion about certain subjects, yet I know intuitively it’s really not their opinion.  Sadly they don’t know it consciously but they’re just repeating what they have heard from others and haven’t taken the time to decide what they really think or feel about a subject. People tend to look at just one side of a subject and then parrot back in a conversation what they think other people want to hear and will find acceptable.

When I urge you to speak your truth, please do not let that be an invitation to be offensive or difficult or to feel that you have to defend your truth. Always speak your truth with kindness and love. Who you are speaks loudly without words. Your goal as a Light Worker Personality is to create harmony and truth at same time.

Understand that you may not always agree with others and that each individual has his or her own personal truth. No one has to agree with yours or join you in that truth. Realize that, once you let your own real truth become known, people around you might be upset that you are no longer “playing the game.” You cannot control others and the good news is that they no longer can control you.

Do some soul-searching and ask yourself some life-defining questions. It takes a great deal of courage to examine your own beliefs. Do you really just want to follow the masses and believe what the media spoon-feeds you?  I think not!!  YOU never leave your future up to the minds of the masses that just follow others like sheep.  Your Job in this wonderful adventure called your life is to have some fun and consciously create a great present and future.  You do have the power to do that.

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Blessings and light


Know and LIVE Your Personal Truth

Know and LIVE Your Personal Truth

The problem today is that most people really don’t know their own personal truth. As kids we were taught always to tell the truth and that honesty was the best policy. The bad news is that kids watch adults lie and get away with it all the time on television, in the movies, and in real life. Kids notice that sometimes, when you tell the truth, it can upset people and you might even get punished.

Since most people want to avoid conflict and confrontation we get in the habit of not telling the truth to avoid any upset it may cause. More often than not, the truth gets told when it is to our advantage to share it. Without realizing it, we sometimes don’t tell the truth just so we can fit in with society’s expectations. We sometimes stretch the truth to make someone feel more comfortable, including ourselves, or just to complete a business deal.

This serious problem of inconsistent truth telling blurs moral and ethical lines. When we lose our morals and ethics, which make up our own personal truth, we actually lose the essence of ourselves. As spiritual beings when we stop telling the truth, we lose integrity with ourselves…and if you cannot trust yourself, you cannot trust anyone. This sad state of affairs will never bring you peace of mind or happiness, much less success!

It’s important for you to know your own truth and to speak your own truth and to do so from the perspective of always promoting harmony.  Even bad news can be delivered with kindness and consideration for the listener. Life is too short not to become truly who you are and act only from what you truly believe.

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How to Handle Those Deep Wounds

Do you have a strategy for when a deep wound like the one I described above this pops up?

As the old saying goes, “it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle it.”  One option is to continue to do everything the way you have been doing…but what have your results looked like? If they haven’t been very good, it’s time for a new action and a solution.  This is your point of power!

Here are some solutions (Emotional 911 Processes) that will help keep you from falling back into old behaviors or from living with a victim mentality:

  • Make a conscious choice to recognize “stuff” that triggers you and instead of reacting, go to new habits and solutions.
  • Read a prayer that will invoke a new response about the current stressful situation you find yourself in.
  • Take a deep breath for at least a count of 10.
  • Say out loud: The God within me SEES the God with you.
  • Call forward Helpers for insight and harmony from Infinite Intelligence.
  • Listen and watch for guidance.  Never take action when you’re upset.
  • Look for harmony and you will find it.
  • Take 30 seconds and close your eyes. Imagine the harmonious win-win outcome you want to manifest.
  • Repeat the above three times a day, when you first wake up, in the afternoon, and then before you go to sleep at night.
  • Regularly meditate and put yourself in touch with your God Source.

All problems will fall away when you connect to the inner Divine Source. You can fool the world but you cannot fool yourself.  Love yourself and make the well-being of your inner life as important as your outer life.

Love Lee

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Interpreting Special Hints From The Universe

Every day, we receive hints from the Universe about whether we’re on the right path or not. Most average people are unaware of such messages.  I have learned to pay attention to them because I can no longer trust or believe most of the messages from the media, government, and so-called experts. As a society, we are brainwashed into believing what the people in power want us to believe; it is dangerous to give up your power to make important decisions.

To continue the story of the bird flying into my home, this was a small but meaningful experience. Of course, this has happened to many people. When it does, the only thing most people are thinking about is how to get the bird out safely and quickly without causing it any harm.

As soon as the bird was free, I went to my library and looked for my reference book:  Animal Speak, The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews. (By the way, if when reading this today you felt desires for this book it means you are open to new messages and guidance from the Infinite Intelligence.)

There is a lot about birds in this book. It says: Birds have an ancient mythology and mysticism.  In most societies, animals were VISIBLE signs of INVISIBLE forces, and people realized that you could only understand the Divine through its creations. Birds were often thought of as deities. In Norse mythology, there were two Ravens as messengers, Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory).  In Native American Traditions, the Thunder Bird is a spirit creature of great creative power and might.  The Egyptians also thought of birds as messengers. To the Hindus, birds represented a higher state of being. The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is burnt in the fires and rises from its own ashes.  Most tales of angelic contact depict these beings with wings, reflecting birdlike characteristics.

Birds reflect a union of the conscious mind with the unconscious.  Because birds reflect the achievement of full realization and their ability to fly, they are associated with aspiration, flights of intuition, and beauty.

The bottom line:  When I looked up the visiting bird in Ted Andrew’s book, and meditated on its appearance in my life, I was given a specific message that I personally needed to know.  There are always messages from the Universe and your job is to pay attention to them. These are much more powerful than messages from people who may have agendas.

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