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Make Better Decisions in 2016

Make Better Decisions in 2016

As we enter 2016 I want to recommend that you slow down.  I want you to slow down your life and when you receive internal guidance, you need to stop, write it down, and pause long enough to let the information really sink in.  You need to pay attention to what you do and say, and the actions you take (or don’t take) because there are always consequences.

There is a zombie-like awareness happening in the world today with an overload of information, to-do lists, and confusion about what to do and how to do it.  Many people are abdicating their thinking process and just doing things by rote. They are doing things the way they’ve always done them without thinking about how life and times have changed. You cannot be part of this. You cannot take anything for granted right now. What used to work is being stretched thin. Becoming more aware and conscious of how you are using your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial energy is extremely important.

I highly suggest that today you give yourself permission to honestly look at your life and the way you make decisions right now.

Maintain your thinking power
  • Are they too fast or too slow?
  • Who are you allowing to influence you?
  • Are you proactively loading positive information into your mind and heart or are you allowing the external media to spoon-feed you more fear, doubt, and outrage every day?
  • Are you cutting corners about what you need to know and just hoping for an answer without knowing how and why you came to that decision?

All energy gets results.  Lack of energy means things normally fade away and too much energy means you may lose sight of the big picture and what you need to do for a long-term strategy.  To assist you I am gifting you a prayer that will help you make better decisions. The prayer is from my brand new book pocket book called, The Magic of Prayers.

Prayer for Getting Unstuck

Infinite Intelligence

I cast my burden of feeling stuck upon you and trust that the right inspiration will come to me.  I am always at the right place at the right time.  I am willing to let go of my limited mindset and open my mind to unlimited potential of what is possible.  I joyfully shift my energy to open my mind, heart, and soul to the callings of my deep inner connection to spirit.  I trust in the divine law of life with all my heart, knowing as I accept nothing but good, all things work together for good through the Infinite Intelligence.  So be it.

If this type of prayer is beneficial to you, please go check out the book: The book is available individually or in bulk.

Always remember that your point of power is right now, in this very moment.  You have the ability to make decisions that will benefit and help you. Make 2016 a year of beneficial decisions for YOU!


Give Yourself Permission To Move On!

Give Yourself Permission To Move On!

my contribution was
mindset and productivity

My question to you today is: Are you in a place you can bloom or are you wilting?

About 10 years ago I partnered with a marketing company to present seminars and coaching for certain niche markets. The format of our events was half marketing information and half mindset and productivity.  This new business took off fast because there were so many people who wanted this combination of skills to improve their results.

The challenge came when my partner began to openly discount ALL mindset information, which was my contribution to the meetings.  He sincerely in his heart did not understand it, thought it was useless information, and was not shy about mocking it when asked about mindset.  My partner’s projected dislike of the topic I taught (and felt passionate about), affected many of the members in the group. For those who weren’t inclined to value mindset, my partner’s dislike of right brain thinking reinforced their old beliefs that only left brain thinking was valuable.

I share this with you because although our group was successful for a while, the mental divide between partners eventually became obvious. I chose to leave that business knowing it was unhealthy for me to allow myself to be in a place where my talents and experience were not appreciated.  It was a tough call to let go of a gig that I enjoyed and also brought a huge paycheck, but it would have been emotionally detrimental to stay.

I have learned to pay close attention to the mental energy of the people I work with. If I realize that I am not in alignment with a group or leader, I now give myself permission to move on to find people and places that are in alignment and appreciate what I bring to the world. I have learned that I cannot change anyone but myself.  I do not have to judge anyone or prove someone wrong, but I do have to honor myself. Just like the famous Kenny Rogers song: “Know when to hold them and know when to fold them!”

Don’t stay where
you don’t fit

Whenever you are out of aliment with your true self, you won’t be truly at peace or happy. And quite frankly, you can’t ever be a great manifestor when you are unhappy.  I personally believe that if you continue to stay in places where you don’t fit, you will always regret spending your life there. It’s better to accept when it’s time to move on and find a place where you’re not the round peg trying to shove yourself into a square hole—it never works. It’s unnatural. Instead, find your true calling and talents and go in that direction. Feel yourself beginning to come alive and bloom again!

Sending you love and light

Why Not Adopt A New Approach To Gift-Giving ?

Why Not Adopt A New Approach To Gift-Giving ?

I suggest you consider adopting my gift-giving strategy. Gather the things in your life that are gift-worthy, in perfect shape, and sincerely match the wants and needs of someone you know and love. Years ago I learned about an American Indian tradition of “gifting gatherings”.  The idea is to gather up things that you can gift to someone else who may need them. You “gift” them away, and then you in turn receive gifts from others who are also gifting away items that they feel may suit you!

We piled all the gifts in the center of the room

Years ago a girlfriend of mine here in Virginia Beach used to have a “gifting party” each holiday season. There were about 30 women who attended. It was a potluck party so everyone brought food and something of value that they were no longer using.  It could be jewelry, artwork, pottery, or some other nice gift. We all arrived with gifts wrapped (but without names on the packages) and put them in big pile in the center of the room.

After dinner we did some drumming and then had a “pick a gift” ceremony.  We drew numbers and then the first number got to go to the pile of gifts and pick one.  You had 30 seconds to pick your gift and then go back to your seat.  After everyone had a gift we opened them!  I was seriously shocked to find that I picked something that I actually had seen in a store and loved but did not buy for myself. It was a stunning crystal bracelet, which I have still today.

Most people were happy with their gifts but then the next part of the fun was to trade your gift for something you liked better if you found something and someone willing to trade.  All of this was great fun and everyone left the party, not only full of good food and company, but with a “GIFT”!  And even better yet, we had all moved energy in our lives by releasing certain things we no longer needed.

You might want to play this game during this holiday season. Or play it after the New Year and have fun exchanging gifts you don’t like or need and can’t return.  The bottom line is, it’s good to release and let go of even the “Good Stuff” you are not using so it can bring pleasure to someone who will appreciate it.

Happy Holiday Shopping in your own personal treasure trove!


The Magic of Prayers

The Magic of Prayers is my smallest book ever. It’s only 33 pages and I intentionally designed it this way so you could carry it around with you.  Years ago I started finding small books that were like an “emotional 911” for me. Whenever I was feeling anxious, fearful, or just out of sorts, I would pull out one of my tiny books and read it until I felt connected to my source again.  They helped me shift my thoughts from negative ones born from low self-esteem or poor self-image to positive ones. When I had these little books with me, it made me feel like I could deal with anything!

My intention is that The Magic of Prayers will provide that same kind of magical assistance to you – especially when you need a dose of your “Higher Self” to help you to shift into vibrational alignment so you don’t create unfavorable Karma. Prayers can totally change the direction and outlook of your life.  They will help shift you from being out of sorts to feeling freedom, joy, and gratitude.

Today, in gratitude for you being one of my blog readers, I am gifting you a very powerful Prayer from The Magic of Prayers.

Prayer for Release of People, Situations and Bad Habits

Dear Heavenly Mother and Father:

Thank you for inspiring me to have the courage, insight, strength, and ability to release all relationships, material objects, situations, un-resourceful habits, and life patterns that are no longer serve my highest and best good. I now allow my soul to realize its full potential.

I release all need to hold on to emotions and ideas of lack and limitation that are connected to the past. I now forgive everything in the past. I am, in this moment, creating my future and I now design my life from a place of true empowerment.

I unconditionally love and support myself in all my power and accept divine love in my life. I am at peace. So be it. Thank you. Amen.

The spiritual remedy here is to read the prayer once in morning, at midday, and before you sleep at night. Say the prayer with sincere energy and use the power of your mind to hold the focus of the desired outcome (that is for the highest and best for all concerned) for at least 30 seconds.

Happy Prayers everyone!  Indeed they work.  Now is the time to strengthen your connection to Spirit. It is a crazy world we are living in and we must be conscious, awake, and in touch with our intuition in order to thrive. We can ONLY HEAR our own inner guidance when we are in tune.  Prayers keep us in tune with that all-knowing Infinite Intelligence.

Love to you!

Lee Milteer

PS. If you would like an autographed copy of the book for yourself, go to my website and on front page, you will find the book for $4.95. If you or your company might be looking for a unique and very helpful Holiday gift for your own patients, customers, or clients The Magic of Prayers is available for bulk orders of 25 or more. For large orders call our office in Virginia Beach, Va at 757-363-5800 or email

Connect With Your Source  To Facilitate Change

Connect With Your Source To Facilitate Change

I love this quote by Gail Sheely. “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”

These days are over

I want to remind you that every significant breakthrough in science is first a break with tradition from old ways of thinking and old paradigms. By nature, we attempt to discover the future by first looking at our history. In the sixties, our society thought that the ideal family had four children; the mother maintained the home and took care of rearing the children while the father worked. People believed that when you went to work for one company you would be taken care of for the rest of your life. We believed gas would be cheap forever and products from Japan would always be junk. We laughed at the thought of paying for cable TV or water.

We were very wrong. I am asking you now to wake up to a new world out there!

I believe there will be future oppor­tunities available that we can’t even comprehend now. There are more scientists alive today than at any other time in history, and technology is changing so fast that we can hardly keep up with it. This all means that, with the right attitude and an eye for opportunities, you can take advantage of the shifts that will occur in our future.  All you have to do is use your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial life energy correctly.

Please pay attention to the fact that your past successes do not equal guaranteed success in the future. Your past successes can actually blind you and influence your perceptions of what lies ahead. It’s important to ally yourself with the people and information that keeps you feeling connected to your source. This is your Point of Power!  Often times, our greatest achievements and breakthroughs come from being in sync with our deep internal wisdom and not the outside world.

Love yourself enough to seriously nurture yourself and take time away from the programing of the outside world. Ask yourself what direction you should be taking today.  In closing I’ll share another one of my favorite quotes:

“Change before you have to”. -Jack Welch 


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