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Devils That Hold You Back From Success

Devils That Hold You Back From Success

One of the first strategies to take back your life from “devils” is to be aware of the directions that you give your brain. Your internal dialogue is how you create your emotions. Negative self-talk messages will cause you to give up before even trying something new. Here are a few examples of negative self talk:

  • I can’t do this
  • I don’t understand
  • I’m not good at technical tasks
  • I’ll look stupid
  • What’s the point, as soon as I learn it they will change it
  • Why should I care, they don’t
  • I’m too old to learn new skills
  • If only…
  • They make me feel stupid
  • That’s just the way I am
  • There’s nothing I can do

Think for a minute. How many of these negative phrases have you used? It’s time to change your self-talk to be positive reinforcement for your computer. A focused mind creates emotional calm and peace. A positive outlook creates more options for creative solutions. Instead of continuing to use negative phrases why not say things like:


“If they can do it, so can I;  I’ll never know until I give it a try;   I’ve succeeded before during difficult challenges and I know I can succeed again;   It’s great learning new skills, it gives me more experience and resources;   So what if it won’t be easy, I still want to give it my best shot;   Let’s look at our alternatives;   I can choose a new approach;   I choose… I prefer… I will…”

I share this self-talk information because the words you use have a big impact on you emotionally and directly affect your level of accomplishment in life.

You don’t have to be a victim of life. You have the power to change strategies and create a happier life for yourself.  However, you must be willing to accept total responsibility for changing your self-talk and the caliber of the thoughts you have about yourself and your potential.

So here’s a little exercise for you: For the next few days make note of what you are thinking.  Jot your thoughts down – because you are a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Your subconscious mind doesn’t know when you are kidding or telling the truth.   It takes you at your word.  Your word is powerful so be careful what you say to yourself and others.  I think you’ll be surprised by what you find as you jot down your thoughts.

Why not leave a reply below so that others can benefit!

Love and Light,

Be Discerning and Exercise Discretion

Be Discerning and Exercise Discretion

Recently, a man called my office enquiring about my interest in participating in a group summit – there were to be many highly regarded authors and speakers involved.  He talked about how I was a great match for the subject matter because of what I’m currently teaching about Energy Currency.  He told me he had followed me a while and was very impressed with my new website: and all the new course releases.

He insisted on deadlines

This was all very flattering but I felt something was amiss.  He kept saying all the perfect ego-building things, but then when he started giving me information about the Group Summit, he began to make firm demands. He said I had to send out so many emails, do x amount on social media to promote it, and give away my new video program to all attendees. Of course I could easily gift the series but his demands for the other requirements seemed like a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. We’re busy and already have so many things on the books!

I felt myself going from “wow, this sounds like a good investment of my time” to “no, this is a ton of work for me and my staff and he is overloading me with deadlines.”  The more he talked about the demands, the tenser my body became.

This is where things went south for me fast.  He ignored my offers of what I was willing and able to do and was a bit threatening about what a great positioning opportunity I would be missing.  I call this “emotional blackmail” and it’s often used if we don’t act, as others want us to. I rarely feel pushed by people but this man sincerely PUSHED me – wanting me to ignore my own rules and simply adopt his deadlines.  It was a lot more than I felt comfortable committing to for this project. I found myself losing patience with him. At the start of the call, I told him that I only had 10 minutes to speak but he took 40 minutes as he pushed his agenda. (My bad, I should have honored my own boundaries).

I felt so agitated after I got off the phone, I asked myself this important question. Did this person and situation enlighten my life or drain it? Clearly it was tempting to want to be at the right place at the right time, and I will admit in my past I have had to do things that were difficult and painful because I needed the exposure, but that is not the case right now in my life.

I wrote a very nice, short email thanking him for considering me. I told him that at this time, I had to decline because of an already very busy and full schedule. I wished him great success.

After I sent that letter, I didn’t grieve the lost opportunity.   I am old and wise enough to know from my past mistakes that things that start off stressful, difficult, or painful do not seem to get better without a lot of inner work on the situation.  (Find out more about that in my new Video Course 12 Spiritual Solutions to Everyday Problems. )

I felt a sense of peace. I did what was right for me, which was to acknowledge that IF this was the honeymoon part of the relationship— wow I needed to bail now!

So, I urge you to give yourself the same permission and not to play with difficult people because the rewards rarely justify the pain you will endure.

You will always manifest better things when you are happy!!

Be Happy & Manifest!

Sending you Love and Light


Honor Yourself

Honor Yourself

One of the biggest problems we face in our ongoing search of self-discovery and truth is the outside influence exerted by others and our own downfall in trying to be all things to all people.   I know I have personally struggled with this challenge.  As a recovering “pleaser” I now give myself permission to just say the truth although it might not always be what others want to hear or win over others who want their own way.

Beware of manipulative people

Let me share an example of how I gave away my own power by trying to please others.   For many years, I used to shut my office down for two weeks for the Christmas Holiday through New Year’s Day. As a speaker and coach, this was the slowest time of the year and I sincerely needed a break from the insane speaker schedule I maintain. Last year I had an employee who had been informed eight months before Christmas (when we hired her) that our office was going to be closed.  About a month out from the holiday shut down, this person came to me and said that if she did not get to work during this Christmas closure her kids would not be able to have Christmas gifts.  Needless to say, this put me in a difficult and stressful position.  What would you do? In the end, I sacrificed my own well being and sanity and gave in and let her work.  I also gave her a cash bonus although she really did not deserve or earn it.  She caused a great deal of emotional conflict in the office on a regular basis.

Giving in to her emotional blackmail meant I did not get the recovery time I needed at the end of a very hard year. I allowed myself to be manipulated and I personally took a big physical hit for my decision. As it turned out, I found out that she had lied to me—she was really trying to save money to go on a ski trip! I found out later that her parents, who were quite wealthy, always bought her kids their big Christmas gifts.

There is an old saying that the truth will set you free, Needless to say, when all this truth came to light, it set me free.  I discontinued her position quickly and we reorganized in a more effective and beneficial way for everyone in the company.

Her true colors really revealed themselves.  I will sadly admit that there had been a number of red flags that I had ignored due to my hectic traveling schedule. I was blind to the fact that she was an insincere person who cared little for me, my business or the other employees.

Releasing her was the greatest wakeup call for me! I realized the importance of taking care of myself first – not only at my office but also with coaching clients, speaking clients, and all other aspects of my business and personal life. This lesson, although difficult was a blessing.  It became clear that it was time for me to focus on me – to pay attention to my own needs.  I am doing this now. YOU SHOULD TOO!

I share this with you today because I am sure that everyone has a similar story somewhere. Think about it – what happened, how you were used or manipulated. You are the only one that can give away your point of power.  Don’t.

Love and light to you

Get Ready…We’re In Global Reset

Get Ready…We’re In Global Reset

I really want you to think about the concept of being the Star, Director, Writer, and Producer of your own life!

Time waits for no one

It’s time to release the “victim” programing that you have been force-fed since you were born. Life has changed and in order to keep up, you have to embrace the change. The only constant is that everything is changing more rapidly—and time doesn’t wait for anyone! Last month feels like last year and things that used to work don’t always work anymore.

People and careers you swore you would be with forever are no longer the same and it’s shocking you with how fast “things” can change!  Out of the blue our reality is ripping apart the old paradigms. This is not a time you can rest on your laurels and expect prosperity and smooth sailing!

We are in a global reset.  You must really take back your power from the outside world and learn more strategies for using your connection to the invisible world of spirit to solve a lot of your challenges today.

Create a connection
to your soul

There is so much illusion and misinformation that can blind you to the truth and the only way to discern what is real is through your connection to the Infinite Intelligence or God. Don’t follow the masses; instead, become the leader of your own life. Create a connection to the “soul” within yourself that is so strong that you know what to do and when to do it. When you do, you’ll never have to suffer fear, doubt, or suffer from insecurity again.

There are many ways up the mountain as my spiritual teacher used to say to me. Go towards the one that seems in alignment with your inner self and you feel curious about. Stay away from old outdated beliefs, dogma, and information with an agenda!  Develop your connection to your own spirit guides for the correct answers to your questions.

If you are having a hard time feeling connected, I’ve created a Video Series to assist you.  I have spent my entire life gathering practical and spiritual solutions to human challenges.  The video series is called 12 Spiritual Solutions to Everyday Problems and you can find more about it by clicking this link or visit my website

As you check out what I have prepared, ask yourself what your life is worth. If you feel like your life is not happy or in a good place, please don’t stay there!  Do something different. Pull yourself out of the rut or dilemma you are currently in by trying new solutions.

The solutions I offer in my 12 Spiritual Solutions video are not things you’ve probably been exposed to before. Much of what I’m offering comes from Mystery Schools for advanced souls.  You see, when you change your connection to Spirit you change the quality of your life!  Prosperity can flow to you because you are no longer using all your available energy dealing with problems!

I welcome you on this amazing journey!

Your Manifesting Wizard,

Quick Remedies From Your Health Manifesting Wizard

Quick Remedies From Your Health Manifesting Wizard

There is clearly a Mind-Body Connection and when you start to feel something coming on always visualize yourself as being healthy, strong, and confident.  Imagine yourself feeling good when you suddenly realize that you are being challenged.

I always carry an “Emergency Kit”

I also always carry an “Emergency Kit” when I travel and I include things I cannot get in the hotel gift store and there may not be a drug store nearby. I keep things like Emergen-C packs, Bach’s Rescue Remedy, essential oils like Oregano, Thieves, Lavender, and Eucalyptus, an ice pack bottle, a small heating pad, apple vinegar cider, and band aids!  This is just to give you an idea of the things that I personally pack to be prepared for the worst…your list may be different.

I’d also like to share a couple remedies that you can actually request from the hotel kitchen that are really helpful if you feel yourself coming down with something:

1) Ask for fresh lemons, some bottled water, and a knife. Squeeze the lemons into a glass and do a “shot” of straight lemon juice without water and then drink as much water as you can.  This stimulates your immune system.  Do this as much as possible.

2) The other remedy I use is called: Dragon’s Breath. Trust me, you will have Dragon’s Breath for sure once you use this but it will sincerely help your body to alkalize itself and will stimulate your immune system.

Dragon’s breath is made from lemons, fresh garlic, onions, and honey. All these ingredients are normally available from a hotel kitchen.  Create a glob of this concoction and then stir to mix. Take one tablespoon every hour.

Honey is an important ingredient for Dragon’s Breath

(Remember, I am not a doctor so this is just a suggestion). I personally cannot eat onions so I leave those out but this is the remedy I was given by my grandmother as a child. As unpleasant as it is, I have found that it works.

I highly suggest that if you are traveling during this seasonal change, you create some type of Emergency Kit so you can ward off or at least shorten any illness!! And remember…to always visualize yourself being healthy and strong!

Great Health to You

Your Manifesting Wizard


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