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Respecting Money

Respecting Money

There is an old saying that goes like this: Respect money or be deserted by it.  When you are careful and attentive to you life finances, you are actually not only respecting money but also respecting yourself. Here are several things to do to make this happen:

  • Pay attention and be aware of exactly what you have in your accounts.
  • Hold every investment accountable, fully monetizing all assets and opportunities.
  • Prudently develop cash reserves so you always feel secure.
  • Make a habit of generous monthly giving to carefully selected worthwhile organizations or people.
  • Focus on growing your money and investing wisely for the long run. Don’t spend your interest money but reinvest it to grow your fortune.
  • Be aware of and actively remove waste and sloth, which are disrespectful to financial energy.

Always treat your money with the true respect it deserves. Everyone in the world operates from some type of money system, so devote attention to how you think about money and how much you respect it.

Personally, I’ve always believed in living below my means and that it’s  important to create a nice big nest egg. With each paycheck, I always “pay myself first,” making sure that a portion goes into an appropriate savings or investment vehicle that I refuse to touch. I suggest that this be at least 10 percent of your salary. Once you make the commitment to begin saving like this, you must not stop- ever! You should also determine a reasonable amount of your wealth that you gift to others—to the charities of your choice. You must become aware of the power of your financial energy and learn to be smart about it.

I always make sure that my office knows how important money is and that time is also a form of currency…just like money. Time should be spent doing effective moneymaking, profitable things and not lost on frivolous tasks. In business, your energy needs to go towards making sure your customers, clients, or patients are being taken care of.  In reality, they are the ones paying your salaries.

I urge you to think big and really go for life! Don’t play it so safe financially that you miss out on success and prosperity. Allow a little risk-taking when budgeting your financial energy. Begin today to give yourself permission to think big. You are the only person who can give yourself the go-ahead to leap to the next level of income, success, and achievement.

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Adding The New Dimension Of Spirituality To Your Life

Adding The New Dimension Of Spirituality To Your Life

Integrating “quiet time” and spiritual principles into your life both personally and professionally adds a new dimension to your success. Most people think that success only comes from using physical and mental energy when, in truth, it is only 1 percent of your power. Consciously partnering with your highest nature—with your God Source—allows you to use the 99 percent of the power that is intrinsically yours… if you begin to open your mind to its unlimited power.

When I use the term “spirituality” I am not referring to any particular religion or religious belief. Whatever religion you practice that helps you connect to the Source is good. It is entirely your choice and of course, it’s a very personal choice. In my own journey towards spiritual awareness, one quote from the book The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck comes to mind:

“Spiritually evolved people by virtue of their discipline, mastery and love are people of extraordinary competence, and in their competence, they are called on to serve the world. In their love, they answer the call. They are inevitably, therefore, people of great power, although the world may generally behold them as a quiet ordinary person, since more often than not, they will exercise their power in quiet or hidden ways.”

Become aware of
the invisible dimensions
that surround you.

Once you begin to understand the concept of the life force energy we call spirituality, you will know that there is more to life than what we access daily through our five senses. Our souls are not defined by birth and death on earth, nor controlled only by the rules governing the physical world. Life is much more multi-dimensional in nature. When you add the spiritual component, you become more consciously aware of both the physical and the invisible dimensions that surround us.  Tapping into your spiritual side enables you to more present in all aspects of your life.

In my new course 12 Spiritual Powers For Everyday Problems” I cover many areas of everyday life and I focus on showing you how to reconnect with your spiritual side.  There are many ways to do this…through meditation, visualization, rituals and prayers and the results are often startling and surprising once you make the shift.

You see, spiritual people in general tend to be more focused on their internal power and personal growth. They understand and appreciate their ability to decide how to interact with the physical world, how to mentally frame their experiences, and they are comfortable with the concept of inner guidance and intuition. They believe there’s an invisible, eternal part of themselves that is available for assistance whenever they need it.

When you feel connected to your Source, you can definitely be a provider of goodwill to all. You can make a difference if you decide to see yourself as a person of service, and invest your spiritual energy in others. No matter what you do in life, you have the power and ability to allow your activities to uplift and help other people get what they want and need. By focusing on achieving a balanced, spiritually integrated life, you will have peace of mind. You will be amazed at how quickly this happens. I urge you to lift your spiritual energy level and embrace an inner mindset that will connect your spirituality with all areas of your life.

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How Are You Managing Emotionally?

How’s your emotional energy management? Our emotions seem to come and go as they will, but they are actually triggered by our thoughts, and we have thousands of thoughts each day. Due to the fact that what we focus on expands, our emotional states follow our thought patterns.

When we get upset, we tend to digress into old childhood patterns, thoughts and fears, and we lose control of our emotional energy. To really be in charge of our emotions, we must control the caliber of information that goes into our minds. We must be selective, because the body will follow the mind.

If you start thinking about mistakes you’ve made, your body reverts to anxiety and feelings of failure, even if the mistake was twenty-five years ago. Your body cannot tell the difference between an imaginary and a real thing. Notice that often, when you’re upset with someone, you become a “reactor” rather than a “responder,” which limits the value of what you offer in a tense situation. A first response based on an emotional reaction will usually get you in trouble and you may say something you will later regret.

Try asking yourself: “What is my second and/or third response to this situation?” A second (or third) response usually comes from a more calm and reasonable place than your highly emotionally charged first response. After all, people may forgive you, but they will not forget.

It’s a good idea to create a twenty-four-hour rule so you don’t respond to insane or angry people immediately. Ask yourself: “Does this need to be answered? Does it need to be answered now? Does it need to be answered by me?” The benefit the twenty-four-hour rule is two-fold: one, so you don’t pick up the insane or angry energy of the other person, and two, so you don’t say something you’ll later regret.

When we’re in a good-feeling state, we’re able to be much more in tune with our goals and desires. We attract situations, people, and events that help us attain the goals we’ve set for ourselves. We have the skill of awareness to see solutions to old problems, and hold lightly any challenges that may cross our paths.

Start paying attention to how you’re feeling on a daily basis. When you catch yourself starting to feel bad, stop and reach for the next best-feeling thought. To find out more be sure to register for my new course 12 Spiritual Solutions For Everyday Problems. The course opens TODAY.


Protecting Your Mental Energy

Protecting Your Mental Energy

Beware of negative news
and media

Speaking of secondhand negativity, it is important to be aware of your environment and how it affects you. Negative news and negative people deplete your energy. They suck the life and enthusiasm out of you and erode your ability to view the landscape of your own reality in a positive way. Not only that…they trigger negative emotional reactions as well. As a result, you often miss the pockets of positive opportunity available to you in your daily life.

When you hear others say crazy negative stuff, immediately mentally repeat, “No, no, no, I don’t believe that. That’s not true.” Never let your unconscious mind be influenced by people, the news, gossip etc. Remember you mind is like a precious jewel…please guard and protect it.

And here’s something interesting: If your body doesn’t feel good, it’s often because you’re not thinking great thoughts. Please be honest with yourself about who and what is influencing you. Make a list of the people who make you feel good and enliven your spirit. Make another list of those who drag you down and leave you feeling negative and bitter. It’s critical that you release the things and people that drag you down. You must begin now to change your inner beliefs. Once you do, the outer conditions will follow suit and change accordingly.


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How to Maximize Your Physical Energy

How to Maximize Your Physical Energy

Let’s look at your physical energy and the importance of how you use your body—the vehicle that gets you around earth! It is the good health of your body that allows you to live a successful and happy life—yet sadly, so many people miss this. Are you treating your body well? Are you getting the recommended amount of exercise each week? Are you eating fresh, unprocessed foods and not over-eating? Are you getting enough quality rest?

It’s time to be honest and have some personal integrity with your physical energy currency. If you are going on peak capacity and burning the candle at both ends, watch out. You will run out of physical energy if you continue on this spending spree, just as you would with money. Then you will be left with nothing.

We all talk about the need for good health, but we don’t follow the rules ourselves; we deplete our bodies of this vital energy source. You only have twenty-four hours in a day and it is up to you to figure out how to utilize your energy within the allotted timeframe in order to harness your maximum creativity. Are you worn out at day’s end, or is your energy level still relatively high? How are you really using your physical energy each day? Where is it going? Are you using your energy to create valuable work in the world or in your home, or is it expended mostly by busy work and useless unproductive activities?

Please remember that your physical body and energy tie directly to your happiness and success in life. Think for a minute how, when your energy gets depleted, things begin to break down and decisions become hard. Your creativity and your motivation wane. You find yourself procrastinating, and being indecisive, frustrated, and confused.

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