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The Secret To Visualizing Big Dreams

The Secret To Visualizing Big Dreams

Having trouble reaching your dreams?

Some of you have written to me expressing concern because you haven’t been successful reaching your big dreams by just visualizing the end result.  I have letters from people who say they are discouraged by their efforts to visualize.

Here’s some good news!  There is new brain research showing that goals are more attainable when we not only visualize the end result, but also the steps we need to take along the way to reach them. This is especially true if the goal will require or cause a huge life change or if you don’t have any past references for it in your mind.

The challenge here is that even if you have a goal in mind but you have no personal experience on how to reach that goal, you are just vaguely imagining something.  You are not actually able to imprint a strong picture of the ultimate end result on your subconscious mind. Vague energy is weak energy, and weak energy gets weak results. Plus, when you only visualize the end result (and not the steps along the way), you may unconsciously be creating an all-or-nothing mindset about accomplishing the goal rather than breaking it down into manageable steps that your comfort zone can absorb.  You must visualize both the steps and the ultimate goal you wish to achieve.

Visualize the steps needed
to achieve your ultimate goal

As the late Zig Ziglar, (the famous motivational author that I had the honor of sharing the stage with on national lecture tours), used to say: “People don’t tend to wander around and then suddenly find themselves at the top of Mount Everest.” All successful people break down their goals into a series of smaller goals, and create a step-by-step process that helps to remove the fear and doubt that is often associated with trying to achieve a major life goal.  While working with many successful entrepreneurial clients and business owners, I have personally found that when setting goals, it is important to make sure these smaller goals are concrete, measurable, and have a timeline to them.

When my team and I were planning the launch for my new book, we followed this approach.  None of us had really done a launch like this before so we started by formulating our vision of the end result—a highly successful launch and a number one best seller on Amazon. We then broke the project into bite-sized chunks and set goals for each component of the launch, along with a timeline and an outline of who would complete each piece of the project.

Up to and including the day of the book launch, I performed many of the exact rituals that I have shared in my new book. I visualized the end result – the “Best Seller” outcome that I wanted, but I also envisioned successful completion of each of the intermediate goals along the way. I scripted the steps and the end result, and then let them go. There was nothing else I could do but wait for the will of heaven, so to speak. I had taken all the action I could and then it was time to wait for the outcome.  It was magical!

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Busting The Myth of Going It Alone

Busting The Myth of Going It Alone

There are a lot of myths in life and one of them is that you can be successful “alone”.  There is no way that this can happen in the reality we live in, where the average attention span is less than 8 minutes. The “Best-Selling” honor I received wasn’t just because I wrote a rocking good book (which I did) or because I’ve been writing and speaking for well over 20 years to build a good reputation. The secret behind the success of becoming a best-selling book was reaching out and asking people to help me promote it.

Through the assistance of my extended network, we were able to reach a far greater number of people who will truly benefit from the material in my book. I gathered a team of people who sincerely worked tirelessly to make this huge accomplishment a reality.

I am sharing this information with you because oftentimes when you have a goal that you haven’t achieved yet, it’s because you’re the lone wolf trying to make a wave in the world by yourself.  Trust me, I did that for years until I woke up and saw that the people who make big news do not go it alone.  We have been programed to think that if it is to be, it is up to me. It’s true that you have to have the vision, make the decision, create a plan, and take action to manifest your goals, but you must also include the collaboration and cooperation of other good souls to make the vision a reality.

My team took a good book and marketed it in appealing ways to inspire people to action. You have to leave your ego completely out of the equation because the bottom line is “what is in it for the buyer?” People don’t care if you wrote a good book; they care about how it will benefit them. In Reclaim the Magic I over-delivered with 300 pages packed with serious knowledge about manifesting, all for under the book list price of $16.95 and $7.99 on Kindle.

The day of the book launch I did exactly the rituals I share in the book.  I visualized the Best-Selling Outcome I wanted, scripted the end result, and then let it go.  There was nothing else I could do but wait for the will of heaven, so to speak.  I had taken all the action I could and then it was time to wait for the outcome.

And finally a huge “THANK YOU” to so many of you who purchased a copy and many of you who invested in multiple copies for friends and family.  If you have not yet purchased a copy, I will say with all my heart that this is by far the best material I have ever written. I promise you it will take you from “victim mentality” in your life to a powerful Manifestor!

Sending everyone a HUGE THANK YOU.

Love and Light,


What Are You Hiding From?

What Are You Hiding From?

Still hiding out?

I’m sure some of you remember playing hide and seek when you were young…and the call at the end of the game to all those still in hiding… Come Out!  Come Out…wherever you are.

Are you still in hiding?

Well there is no better time than right now for you to come out and be your authentic self. What does it mean to be your “authentic” self? It means being your true self, who you REALLY are, not who anyone thinks you should or wants you to be. Being your authentic self means you do what makes you genuinely happy. You don’t feel obligated to pay attention to what society is doing or saying, you genuinely follow your own heart.

Some of the security that we’ve all sought after has become very fragile. Our personal identification has been challenged. What we used to believe in has been shaken. For many people, the future feels unknown and unsafe, and again, in this intense environment it’s actually hard to remember who you really are because most of your old programs have been running you.

I think it’s also very important for us to remember why we’re here. Instead of trying to fit in and gain the approval of others, aren’t we here to grow in wisdom and contribute to our highest knowing and insight to move us forward?

You might be thinking… I keep doing the same things. I keep trying harder. I keep working harder but nothing changes. There is so much I want to do but I haven’t given myself permission yet.

If this sounds familiar, I invite you to join me today at 3:00 pm EDT for a one-time-only webinar called “Reclaim the Magic”. I’ll be sharing some real nuggets of wisdom that will assist YOU to Reclaim the Magic in Your Life.

Don’t Miss out—there are only a few seats left. There is still time to register on the link below.

Join Lee’s Webinar TODAY at 3:00 p.m. EST

Blessing and light


P.S.  If you cannot attend the webinar, then I urge you to order my latest book, Reclaim the Magic, on Amazon TODAY.  We are trying to make it a “best seller” for the day today.  Once we make it a best seller, then many people who would not normally read this kind of book will take more interest in it.  I promise you that this book will help you and others take back your true power and manifest a truly great life.  Thank you in advance for your help on this.

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

We are all here to live and enjoy life, and to be in the present. We are all seeking happiness.  It comes in many forms and is different for each one of us. It’s important to realize that the future will take care of itself if you do the overall right things today.

As spiritual helpers for guidance now

I know that many of you feel lonely at times.  But always remember that you are not alone; you co-create your reality with Spirit.  99% of your true power is spiritual in nature and only 1 % of your power is physical.  Ironically most people spend 99% of their life energy trying to change things using only physical, mental, and emotional power.  In doing so, we become totally depleted, trying to do everything by ourselves instead of tapping into the spiritual assistance that is there…just waiting for us.  As the Bible says, “Ask, and it will be given to you”.

How about trying an experiment?  For the next 21 days to 30 days, every time you start a project or have to get something done, ask for assistance from your own personal spirit guide helpers.  You have to ask. Because there is free will, your “helpers” aren’t allowed to interfere, but they can and will respond to your requests.   Be sure to write down how things transpire over the next 30 days and let me know how things are going.  I think you will be surprised at your results and accomplishments.

To find out more about how to co-create your reality with Spirit and manifest the life you desire, I invite you to join me on a one-time only, complimentary webinar next Thursday May 14 at 3:00 p.m. EST. Here’s the link to register.  I’ve got some wonderful surprises in store for all those who attend and I promise this won’t be your ordinary webinar!

Sending love to you!


P.S.  My new book, Reclaim the Magic is now available.  I would be very grateful if you could order this book on May 14(the day of the webinar).  We have a huge marketing push…and I want to make this book a “best seller” to grab the attention of the many people who will sincerely benefit from the information I have to share. So could you order it on Amazon on May 14th?   My thanks with much gratitude!

P.P.S.  Here’s the link again for the webinar: Yes! I’d love to join Lee on May 14th!

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