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The Problem With “FATE”

The Problem With “FATE”

I remember this time last year.  In addition to launching this new ezine, I was working very hard on writing my new book, Reclaim the Magic: The Real Secrets to Manifesting Anything You Want. I’m thrilled that it officially launches in a couple weeks and I’m excited to share things that I’ve never publicly talked about before.  I’ll be sending information on how to attend this complimentary webinar very shortly.  It will take place on May 14, 2015 at 3PM EST, so please put it on your calendar.

Goals must be anchored in a sense of purpose

One of the things that made me successful and helped me to finish the book Reclaim the Magic, was the Magic of Crystal Clear Objectives. I talk a lot about this in the book.  You see, when you set clear goals you give Infinite Intelligence and your own Inner Energetic Blueprint a clear picture of what you want. Purposeful goals help us measure our lives and provide feedback to let us know how we are doing. They give us something specific to aim for with our life energy. For our goals to be fruitful, they must be anchored in something that arouses our courage, creativity, persistence, and sense of purpose.

As a performance coach I have found that some clients believe that God has ordained everything about their lives and that they cannot escape the mechanism of fate. The problem with this line of thinking is that if you believe life is pre-destined, you have placed a cap, a limit, on what is possible for you. Any time you put limitations on what you can achieve, you are sabotaging any possibility of transcending your old behaviors and creating a new life for yourself. Nothing in life is predestined…because you create your reality with your thoughts, actions, and emotions every single day as you co-create with Infinite Intelligence.  This means you are co-creating your life daily with your thoughts, actions and beliefs. 

I hope you will take the time to review how you can become part of my team that births this new book and information into the world that will help uplift the consciences of our reality.  Here’s a link to find out more!

Love to you.

Envision and Feel the End Result

Envision and Feel the End Result

Success is not like a book where you start at the beginning, read the middle, and finish with the end. Success is achieved backwards; you must look at what you want in detail and then listen to your intuition about what paths to take and what tools to use. Leonardo da Vinci emphasized the importance of setting clear goals and following through to completion to be successful in anything. He wrote repeatedly, “Think well to the end” and “Consider first the end.” Whatever is dominant in our thoughts is going to come to pass.

In his famous book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the late Steven Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind.” When you focus on positive results, you are putting your vibration in the same wave as the physical positive results you desire. When we focus on the crisis of the moment, we are simply creating more crises for the future. When setting goals you must focus on the solutions and outcomes you want, not the problems.

The above is an excerpt from my new book “Reclaim the Magic”.  What does your success path look like? Do you have your goals set…do you have the “end in mind”? Because when you do, when you have it clearly and strongly in the foreground of your thoughts, the vibrational pattern of your energy is uplifted…it changes as will you.


It’s Always Right Now!

It’s Always Right Now!

So what do I mean when I say it’s you job to remain neutral in challenging situations?  Think about the word neutrality – it means no sides are taken.   If you allow yourself to get sucked into the drama or crisis mindset, you are of no help to yourself or anyone else. You cannot sense or see the appropriate action to take when you are upset, freaked out or frustrated. When you’re in this kind of negative state of mind, you vibrate at a low frequency and therefore attract more low frequencies.

The spiritual solution to this situation is to first realize you are in a low vibrational state. Become aware, and then make a conscious effort to breathe and calm yourself down, distract yourself if you need to, and find a way to get grounded. Clear your mind of the problem and connect with your intuition to ask for solutions.

The Art Of Deliberate Creation

I challenge you to awaken the real power you have within yourself. As unbelievable as it may sound – you can live without drama, crisis, or depression. You must take back your spiritual power and begin to practice the art of deliberate creation and the art of neutrality! This simply means that you claim your conscious awareness and personal control of your life through energy focus. Accepting this one thought, that you have the power of deliberate creation within you, will transform your life forever. Knowing you have this internal power will give you confidence and help you to optimize your choices of how to use your life energy effectively, ultimately bringing you much peace and happiness.

One Foot On Earth & The Other In Heaven

You must be the author of your own life story

The secret to manifesting what you want is to have one foot planted firmly in heaven and one foot planted firmly on earth. In other words, use your inner thoughts, images, self-talk, and goal-setting activities to create a vision or blueprint of your desired outcome. Once you have created your new Inner Energetic Blueprint, you can begin to take informed, well-timed action in the physical world. You must be the writer, set designer, head of casting, director, and actor in your own script of reality. This is your play so you’re entitled to create and publish a great success story filled with love, health, prosperity, and a blessed life. Or alternatively you can create a life story of unfilled potential, missed opportunities, poverty mentality, and a mediocre life. This is your story, so why not write a good one? You hold the pen every day with your thoughts, beliefs, focus, and life energy. Ask yourself what is really important and then have the wisdom and courage to build your life around your answer.

The above is a short excerpt from my new book Reclaim the Magic, which is coming to Amazon and other bookstores May 14, 2015.  I invite you enjoy my new book and begin your own journey to “reclaim the magic” in your life.  It’s never too late!


For more information on becoming part of my special team to help me launch my latest book “Reclaim the Magic” click on the link below today!

Learn More About Lee’s “Reclaim the Magic” Book Launch starting April 30, 2015

Manifesting Through Your Practice Of Gratitude and Appreciation

Stop here for a moment and realize just how blessed you already are. Start a list of the blessings you enjoy, even the simple ones you may be taking for granted. Many people don’t focus on what is good in their lives and careers until they’ve lost them. Become conscious of all of your blessings right now and see how thankful you feel.

  1. Be thankful in advance: One of the most powerful forms of gratitude is expressing your appreciation for something before you actually experience it.
  2. Find things to be grateful for in negative situations. This is definitely not easy but try to start to look for things you can appreciate about the situation. If you are in conflict with someone, be grateful that the situation has forced you to grow or that you only have to be around that person every few months.
  3. Write daily a gratitude list.  Include what you are truly grateful for each day and this will guarantee that you will attract more of that in your life. (How’s that for manifesting?) Commit to a consistent practice of gratitude because it will shift any negative momentum you have going on.  When you take the time to list everything you are grateful for, your inner experience changes causing a shift in your external experiences as well.
  4. Be grateful for yourself!  Give up trying to live as if your life must be perfect.  That is an illusion.  There’s an old saying:  Happiness is found in the journey not the destination!  Please take this seriously.

You can reclaim the magic that is rightfully yours. It’s time to claim the your natural birthright power as a manifestor!


Are You Having Fun Yet?

Are You Having Fun Yet?

Be Joyful!

In her own way, my grandmother was teaching me that our emotions arise from our thoughts. Somehow she knew that if I focused on being joyful, I could not feel overwhelmed by negative feelings that had no solutions. She wanted me to understand that what we focus on expands. When you are consciously looking for joy you will find it, and it will grow. Conversely, focusing on the negative brings negative results.

You know in your heart that when you are feeling joyful, difficult people or situations simply do not have a lasting effect on you. You are more resourceful and open to new solutions. You handle stress and rejection much better. Joy turns routine tasks into enjoyable experiences, no matter what you are doing. Having fun is an important tool for a “conscious magician.”

Think about when you were a child; children love the absurdity of life. They do things for the sheer joy of it—they don’t care what others think. They do things simply to have fun. When you choose to have an attitude of joy, you will find fun everywhere.

Kids find joy in simple things

Don’t worry if you feel your sense of humor has been dampened in the past. You can learn to see and to use humor with a little practice, patience, and a willingness to let the lighter side of life shine through. I challenge you to watch more comedy, learn and tell more good jokes, and read the “Funnies” first in the newspaper to set the tone for your day. Give yourself permission to observe the insanity of the world and not let it affect you. You are only responsible for your own emotions which are created by your thoughts. Thinking good stuff equals attracting good stuff—yes, it is simple as that!

Your goal must be to become conscious of the fact that this very moment in time is a precious gift. You can get the most power from any moment if you make up your mind to enjoy it. Appreciate it. Honor it.


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