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Make A Conscious Choice To Enjoy Life!

Make A Conscious Choice To Enjoy Life!

Some people live with a belief system that requires that anything new they want to learn or to do must be difficult and taught in a serious manner. I have just the opposite opinion. The more fun you have as you learn or do something, the better your brain will function, and the better your work, your relationships, and your life will be. The more you fill your life with joy, the more lighthearted you are.  The more enthusiastically you do everything you have to do, the more you are contributing to life.

Choose to look at your life as a fun-filled life and wake up in the morning looking forward to the day. Why not make a conscious choice to enjoy what you do and how you do it? It’s important to reconnect with your funny button and allow the child within you to come out and play.

Learn to be flexible in your attitude towards things and see the humor whenever possible.  Allow yourself to be human. Flexibility makes it much easier to respond to change and adapt to varying conditions. Flexibility allows for growth and excitement. Being flexible will allow you to see new opportunities and capitalize on them – this is your point of power!

One of the questions I always ask at my seminars is, “How many of you have let an old person move into your body?”People always laugh, but it’s a good question to ask yourself occasionally too. Are you stuck in old attitudes, perceptions, and life habits? Have you allowed yourself to grow older than your years? If so STOP THAT!! Let today be the day you wake up and really give yourself permission to enjoy the life you are living right now.  If you think of all the people in the world who have so much less than you, it will reframe your mind about how blessed you really are!

Until next time,

Send Positive & Uplifting Thoughts

Send Positive & Uplifting Thoughts

Before speaking to an audience
I send them energy and love

Before speaking to an audience, I focus on sending energy and love to them. I actually picture angels surrounding the audience, floating above them, and I affirm that the God Source is in the room and will give each member of the audience exactly what they need to hear. I envision the audience paying attention and having fun. In my mind I picture the people leaving the presentation with smiles on their faces and their evaluations filled with positive comments about how much they learned and how enjoyable the presentation was for them.

On the days that I begin my presentations this way I can honestly say my affirmative visions seem to come true. On the days I forget to envision these things, the audience seems to be more difficult or restless. They don’t seem to warm up to me or bond with me as quickly. I have to work much harder on a physical and emotional level, and my ratings at the end of the sessions are not as high. My sales at the back of the room are not as profitable as they are on the days I affirm and send love in advance to the audience. It’s amazing and true!

This new commitment to send positive, uplifting thoughts can make a huge difference not only in your business, but also in the quality of the interactions you have with others. Please consider that your life’s work is more than just showing up and doing your job. Keep in mind that everything you do, say, and think has an effect, not only on yourself but also on those around you. Sending out positive thoughts can literally change the way you see and experience life. This is your point of power! The people around you who will benefit from these positive messages may never know what you have done for them, but on an unconscious level they are picking up your thoughts and feelings and reacting to them.

I can say with great enthusiasm that you will get a more positive reaction from people to whom you have sent your blessing.

I encourage you to try it in your life for 30 days and see the difference.

Sending you love and many blessings,

Life Is An Adventure

Life Is An Adventure

Life can be a fun adventure. Really it can. But it’s up to you to stop putting off enjoying your life. After all, there are no guarantees that we will be here tomorrow! Your attitude and your behavior affect the results you get in your daily work and in your life. What positive messages can you give yourself to keep yourself feeling good? How can you be a better role model? How can you have more fun and truly enjoy your life instead of just going through the motions?

Do Special Things
For People You Love

While you can, tell the people you love that you love them and tell them often. Send flowers, write notes, give candy, do special things for the people you care about. And don’t forget to be nice to yourself too. Realize that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. And, let’s face it folks, most stuff we worry about truly is small stuff in the big picture of life. It’s never money or material possessions that really make you happy; it’s your relationships with yourself and others. It’s the quality of time you have in your life. It’s your health and vitality to enjoy life that makes you happy. True peace of mind and joy come from the moments and feelings that count in life, not from material things.

Whatever you have wanted to do in your life but were waiting for the “perfect time” to begin, get started right now!  Don’t put it off another minute!  Whether it’s going back to school, starting a family, or enjoying a hobby, stop wasting your precious life away and start doing what brings you joy.  Joy is what opens your heart and opening your heart attracts abundance into your life!  Be sure to give yourself permission to really live and love your life!



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