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A Spooktacular FREE Gift for You

A Spooktacular FREE Gift for You

Halloween is just a few days away and this is a time when people enjoy being afraid of things. People like to watch scary movies, go to haunted houses, and dress up and scare each other. I understand the game of it all. We have fun with it because we know the things that scare us at Halloween aren’t real. I wish we would remember that the rest of the year, that the fear we feel about our daily lives isn’t real and that we don’t have to allow it to overwhelm us and keep us from going for our dreams.

Years ago around Halloween time, I had my first speech and I was truly afraid. I was afraid I would not be good enough, funny enough, or have enough materials for the presentation. My fears grew so big I considered canceling. I’m sure there’s also been something in your life that you’ve feared so much you allowed it to sabotage your future.

Let me give you an interesting definition of the word fear: Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real.

Most of the things we fear are simply an exaggeration of our imagination. Since our subconscious mind and nervous system don’t know the difference between reality and imagination, they produce the same uncomfortable feelings of anxiety. Our self-talk has created FEARS that appear too big for us to handle.

You must allow yourself to experience your fears and move through them with courage — the courage to look, acknowledge, and experience. Don’t resist, avoid, or condemn your fears. It’s an interesting paradox in life that when you resist something it persists. Allowing yourself this growth process is like a butterfly freeing itself from the cocoon.
Many famous writers and artists alike recognize the importance of this metamorphosis: Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain”; Eleanor Roosevelt observed, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you must stop and look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do”.

I am happy to say that I didn’t let my fear and self-doubt prevent me from making that first speech. Because I faced my fears, I got through it and since then, have had a very successful speaking career!

Let’s face it: we all have fears and anxieties about the future from time to time. With the insanity of today’s reality, many of us have certainly been tested. The truth is that we all frequently step into places that are challenging. We have to learn to confront our fears so that they do not overcome us or distract us from living our life in true integrity with our purpose. When challenged, you must learn to confront any fears that hold you back. We have to build the confidence that comes from self-knowledge and the willingness to do something different!

We often worry about stuff that becomes real in our imagination. I would like to remind you that our imagination is really one of our most important skills to create success. Let’s take some of the ISSUES that we are using that imagination for and instead, imagine the best. It’s always a choice. It takes as much energy and time to think positively as it does to think and feel negatively. The truth is that your brain can only focus on one thing at a time, so both positive and negative thoughts cannot occupy the same space at the same time. When you use your imagination, you can map out a brighter, more profitable, fun, rewarding future, or you can fall victim to the fear and gloom and doom of average people.

Your homework assignment is to scare your fears away and live the life you want to live! And to help you do that, I’m going to offer you a “Spooktacular” F.R.E.E. Gift. Keep Reading for more information.

You may have never paid attention to the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have drained your time and energy, but feelings of anxiety or unnecessary worry, fears, doubts, and old grudges take up ENERGY. Since you only have so much financial, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energy, you certainly don’t want to waste it in directions that don’t serve you or your intentions for your business and life.

Only when you release your fears and are at the top of your game can you be resourceful, creative, brilliant, and effective. We all know this, but before we know it, we somehow allow “stuff” to get us off balance. These Leaks and Vampires cause us to get out of integrity with our intentions, and throw us into a tailspin feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and dissatisfied in life and business.

The secret is to be aware and conscious of when you start to experience any self-defeating thoughts or behaviors that are out of integrity with your real purpose in life. After all, how we spend our five types of energy determines how much money we make and how successful we are in all areas of our lives.

I’ve learned how to operate from a place of courage, strength, and bravery, and I’m going to share some of those secrets with you, for F.R.E.E.

Instead of living in fear and doubt, Decide How You Will Use Your Life Energy. I am going to Gift You My Entire 5-Video Series (a $97 Value) on How to Manage Your Financial, Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Life Energy Currencies.

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The bottom line is that choice and not chance determines your future. The choices you make today will create your future. Don’t wait to sign up. These Videos are only available for a limited time…and they’re absolutely Free. Here’s the link:

Create a Great Day!

Your coach,

P.S. The picture above is of Angel, a few years ago on Halloween.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine

When I decided to become a professional speaker, I realized that I was never going to be perfect. I decided that since I’d chosen this profession, I’d better allow myself to laugh at my own mistakes and enjoy it! As a matter of fact, I make every mistake there is. From time to time, I forget what I’m talking about if I get distracted. I mispronounce words and I occasionally find myself inventing words on stage. Once, I even fell off a stage! I’ve been amazed and surprised at how my “human-ness” has endeared me to most of my audience. (Notice I say “most”. Some people don’t own a sense of humor at all!).

But I really think how much we enjoy this journey depends on our attitudes about the journey. Please hear me when I say: Stop beating yourself up about the mistakes of the past. The past is a locked door and you can’t turn back the face of time. You can, however, learn from the past and create a better future. How about enjoying the time you have right now? Who knows when your expiration date is? It’s time to give yourself permission to enjoy life and not take yourself so seriously.

Have you become a difficult task master to yourself? Have you allowed business and making money to create security to overshadow having fun and enjoying your time right now? One of the most important skills we need to have in today’s accelerated lifestyle is a sense of humor.

Like I talk about in my Entrepreneur’s Guide to Banishing Time and Energy Vampires, we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously. It’s easy to get caught up in reacting to life and not see how serious you’ve become. Have you let an old person move into your body? If so-kick them out today.

I suggest you take the TIME to have a heart-to-heart with yourself. Maybe go for a walk into nature and ask yourself: What makes me laugh? What do I find funny? What did I used to do that nurtured me and relaxed me to the point that I felt good afterwards? Who do I enjoy being around that is a stress reliever to me? Here is the important question that only you can really answer: WHY HAVE I STOPPED DOING THINGS THAT MAKE ME LAUGH AND FEEL GOOD?

Laughter and play are important keys to your health, growth, and relationships. They are the fabric that holds us together as families. Laugher and play are also the tools that will bring creativity and success for busy entrepreneurs. You need jump-start your creative juices and allow the kid to come out and play and see possibilities instead of dead ends.

Create a Great Day!

Your coach,

Cure Your TBD

Cure Your TBD

Throughout my career, I’ve noticed that one very common challenge that so many people face is creating boundaries and getting the most of their time.
Even though time is one of our most precious assets, it’s one of the things we waste the most, year after year.

We have all of these great intentions to make more of our time, to get more organized, to be more productive, and to have more time with our families. Then somewhere along the way, we fall off the great intentions wagon and wind up right back where we started: suffering from TBD: Too Busy Disorder.

We find ourselves being too busy with the things we HAVE to do, to do the things we WANT to do. But here’s the thing: It doesn’t have to be like that.

  • If you’re not making the money you want in your business,
  • If you don’t have the right tools to make being productive easy, or
  • If you find yourself saying “I wish I had time for…” or “I really would like a day off” or “I wish I could spend more time with my family”

Then you need to stop being a Slave to time and take back your life and power. You need help. You need some easy, practical guidelines for getting the most out of your time.

Here are 5 Reminders to CURE what I like to call TBD: Too Busy Disorder (Excerpted from The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Banishing Time and Energy Vampires–on Sale Now–Check out the right hand column to find out more about it or click Here). These are some simple yet often overlooked ways to help save time:

  • Any time You Have to Wait for Something use that time to Brainstorm Ideas or do some Reading you’ve been meaning to get around to.
  • Group Appointments. If the cable company is coming, try to schedule other repairs for the same day.
  • Plan Ahead. Reserve your vacation places early. Do your GIFT Shopping throughout the year. Stock up on greeting cards for all occasions. Find out peak times for stores, your bank, and the post office- so you can Avoid them.
  • Do Your Shopping or Research Online so you don’t have to run all over town, and have everything delivered directly to your home.
  • Learn to Delegate. Although you fold the laundry beautifully, having the kids or loved ones help will free up some of your time.

Create a Great Day!

Your coach,

Cure Your TBD

What Can’t Be Replaced?

As an entrepreneur, you can replace everything except your time. You can make more money and get new customers, but you can’t replace or replenish the time you waste. Millioniare Maker Dan Kennedy says: “Most people give more thought to protecting the crap stored in the garage than to protecting their time.” This is sad but true. Where is your integrity with yourself about what is important in your life?

Effective time management is linked to integrity with self. If you have integrity, you take your commitments seriously. When you make a commitment to yourself and you let yourself down, you are setting yourself up for failure, insecurity and self-doubt. You program yourself with your thoughts and you teach others how to treat you with your actions.

We are now at a point in reality where we face unrelenting and constant communication and data. We have no time for recovery, and we suffer from serious brain overload in life and business. As I observe the coaching clients I work with, I see extreme burnout, serious mistakes being made with bad decisions, and great business opportunities being overlooked and delayed. We have lost integrity to our businesses and ourselves.

Success is ultimately and fundamentally about behaviors. It’s not your attitude, your upbringing, your education, your capital, your skill, or your luck; it’s all about YOUR BEHAVIORS. Think about it: if you behave in a way that is incongruent with your goals, you can’t achieve them.

I want you to give yourself permission to be conscious because most people are seriously unconscious. They don’t notice what is going on around them. They do the same things in the same way by rote, and they always get the same results. Their time is consumed without any consciousness about where it goes or who uses it, yet they wonder why things never change for them.

It’s an interesting fact of life that people with no financial security are the worst about being able to tell you where their money went. Unproductive people can’t tell you where their time went.

The Solution to your Time Integrity Problems lies within you right now to say STOP. I now give myself permission to honor myself and have integrity with my purpose and business right now. It’s your job to take control of your time and focus on the money-making activities you know you should be doing instead of letting other people suck up all of your time.

I want to give you a homework assignment that I feature in The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Banishing Time and Energy Vampires Program (find out more on the right hand column). Take the time today to make new decisions about the following questions. These questions are going to make critical distinctions for how you run your business and life. These questions and the decisions you make about them are going to determine how much profit you have at the end of the year, how much time you take off to enjoy with your family and loved ones, and the integrity you have for your own time.



Ask yourself: where am spending my resources of time: Mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually?

I’m asking you to answer questions because you’re the only person who really knows what you do with your time, how you use it, and how you give it away.

Have integrity with yourself. Do you want to work in your business or do you want your business to work for you?

If you’re not having integrity with yourself and your business, I invite you to check out my Complete Entrepreneur’s Guide to Banishing Time & Energy Vampires, which will help you conquer indecision and Chaos, and regain control of your life and your business and help you make the profits you want.

Create a Great Day!

Your coach,

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