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Your Bad Habits are Costing You Your Financial Future

Your Bad Habits are Costing You Your Financial Future

Are you addicted to caffeine? Cigarettes? Do you have trouble walking away from the bad-food buffet? Can’t stop playing the lottery? You may be gambling with your financial future….

I recently ran across some shocking statistics, and since by this point in the year, our resolutions always seem to have worn off, I thought I’d share them with you as a reminder…

Overeating Costs $258,000 over a lifetime:

America isn’t healthy: 2/3 of Americans are either overweight or obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. And while these statistics haven’t convinced too many people to eat less, exercise more or just add more fruits and vegetables to their diets (In fact, 3 out of 4 Americans will be overweight or obese by 2020), maybe these statistics, which show how significantly POORER you will be, will inspire you: Over a lifetime, obesity costs $4,879 and $2,646 a year for women and men, respectively. Tack on the value of lost life (8-10 years) and it’s even more dramatic : $8,365 and $6,518.

Caffeine Addiction costs over $113,000 over a lifetime:

While up to 80% of us use caffeine in one form or another, more often than not, it comes from coffee (More than 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year), and sodas (one out of every four things we drink is, in fact, a soda). Harmful health effects aside, this addiction wreaks havoc on the wallet. Consider this: if you buy a cup of coffee every day at $1.75 a cup, you’re spending more than $600 a year to fuel your habit.

Smoking Costs $86,000 (for a 24-year old woman over a lifetime); $183,000 (for a 24-year old man over a lifetime)

Let’s break this down further: if you have a pack-a-day habit, you’re blowing more than $4,000 a year (New Yorkers pay $11 or more for a pack of cigarettes). Smoking not only takes 8-10 years off your life, but it also significantly increases your insurance costs — from your life insurance (expect to pay about three times as much as a non-smoker) to your homeowners (non-smokers typically get a 10% discount on their premiums), auto insurance (non smokers generally get a 5% discount), to your health insurance.

Can you believe those numbers?!?! It’s amazing what your habits are costing you. So you have to ask yourself, How are YOUR bad habits jeopardizing your relationships, self-esteem, heatlh, weight, financial security, and happiness, and what are you going to do about it?

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It’s that time of year again, where we’re more focused on the beach and vacation than the resolutions we set in January. At the beginning of the year, we resolved to get in shape, change our diet, quit this, change that, etc. Let me ask you, have you fallen off the wagon? Or have you done something differently so you’ve stayed on track this year?

Traditionally, I’ve been awful at keeping my resolutions, but last year, one of my new year’s resolutions was to quit smoking, something I’d tried (quite unsuccessfully) several times. I sucked so much at quitting, people actually encouraged me to smoke…

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Need Answers to Lingering Problems? Try this…

Need Answers to Lingering Problems? Try this…

This week is the final week of our series on Asking Intelligent Questions. I hope you take and use the information I’ve shared in your daily life. If you’ve missed any of the other articles in this series, I invite you read them by clicking here.

Let me suggest daily exercises that will prompt you to ask yourself some very probing questions about your values and priorities. Remember, all the information you need is already available in the data banks of your mind. You only have to access it by keying in a positive question.

For the next 21 days, devote yourself to answering the following revealing questions as truthfully as possible. Decide when you want to begin and be consistent. Answer the same questions every day and try not to copy or duplicate the answers you wrote the day before. This process will help you to better understand what you want and help you to find creative new solutions to lingering old problems.

Beginning of the Day Exercise: Most people get up in the morning, go the bathroom mirror, look at themselves, and say things like, Why do I have to go to work today? Why am I out of shape? The answers you get to negative questions like that don’t make you feel motivated or excited about your upcoming day. Without realizing it, you have programmed yourself to feel out of control.
After your alarm goes off, stay in bed for a few extra minutes and begin asking yourself the following questions. Be sure to allow yourself time to find resourceful, positive answers. This will enable you to program your mind to see the positive aspects of your life – and ultimately enjoy it more.

  1. What is positive or exciting about today?
  2. What do I have to be grateful for?
  3. How can I have fun today and still take care of my responsibilities?
  4. How can I contribute more joy to my family and my business associates?
  5. What am I willing to do to guarantee that I’ll have fun today?

Try it. Notice that you gradually begin to feel more optimistic, energized, excited, and creative because you’re looking for the good in your life; this is because you’re not focusing on what you don’t like. What you focus on becomes your reality. You have the power to change your questions and, by doing so, change the quality of your life.

End of the Day Exercise: Then, before you go to sleep at night, answer the following questions:

  1. What did I learn today that I didn’t know before?
  2. How can I use this information?
  3. What good things happened today?
  4. What can I do tomorrow to increase my abilities to increase income?
  5. What actions do I need to take tomorrow to help me become more successful?
  6. What happened today that, if I could, I would have done differently? What did I learn from the experience? How can I make sure I won’t make that mistake again?
  7. How am I blessed today? What am I grateful for in my life, family, work?

Questions allow you to focus your attention and life energy on your talents and resources. The outcome is sure to be a better life. Please start this ritual for at least 21 days and observe within yourself how you shift into a more empowered life!


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What Questions are You Asking?

What Questions are You Asking?

This week, we’re going to continue with our series on asking questions, excerpted from the revised version of my book, Success is an Inside Job. Since July is the month we celebrate our Independence here in the US, I think it’s a great time to reflect on and show our gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy. I also think it’s a good time to evaluate the areas of our lives where we’d like to see a little more freedom, whether it’s financial, lifestyle, or otherwise.

If you missed the first or second email in this series, you can find them on my blog: click here.

I hope you enjoy:

Your thoughts create your emotions and, inevitably, your emotions direct your actions. If your problem is that you often get depressed and frustrated in your current situation and lose motivation, remember this: you can deal more effectively with your emotions by asking yourself questions that will change your focus. What you focus on expands. When you focus on positives, you feel good; when you focus on negatives, you lose your power to act. If you make a mistake, don’t ridicule yourself with Why am I so stupid? Why not ask what you can change so the same problem won’t reoccur? Ask yourself what you can learn from the situation and how you can apply that knowledge to your benefit in the future. Questions are an important component of emotional management. And the quality of your questions determines the quality of your life. The bottom line is this: the best resource you have for success is to consistently focus on questions that will allow you to tap into your brain’s resource bank to arrive at workable solutions. In truth, intelligent questions are the key to utilizing your power to create a happy, fulfilling life.

I also learned that it wasn’t just the questions I asked that were important, but the questions I failed to ask. For example, how would I respond if my particular choice didn’t work? What then? Did I have another option? When was the last time you asked yourself critical questions such as “Am I happy? Am I living my own authentic life? Is my life going in the direction I want? Am I using my natural talents and skills? Are my present circumstances serving me?” If you’re not asking these kinds of questions, how will you recognize that you need to make changes?

The questions you ask determine your focus in life. When we focus on what is negative – or what is not working – suddenly everything looks wrong, out-of-place, poorly timed. Our world seems out of synch. Here’s an important thought for you: what if, instead of finding faults, problems, difficulties or always wishing your life could be different, you changed your focus? What if you accepted life for exactly what it is today and began to look for the “positives” – the advantages – and how you could make those positives even better? Focus on your blessings! Look at it this way: you have 1,440 minutes in each day to experience your life as joyful or miserable – it’s your choice. Now is the time to create new ways to live successfully in your own unique way. And in order to do so, empowering questions are more important than ever.

Begin by tossing out your old perceptions of what success used to mean and creating new ones. You do this by asking yourself what you want. What are you doing to create success for your future? In truth, learning to adapt to radically changed circumstances gives us the opportunity to open new doors and create entirely new models for how to live now. In fact, this new reality is forcing us, out of necessity, to question what our inner feelings are telling us about what we want in the future. While in the past we may have simply accepted the definition of success handed down from generation to generation, it does not make sense in today’s fast paced and daily changing world. Sud¬denly, people who never questioned life or the direction in which they were going find themselves analyzing everything.

Questions allow you to focus your attention and life energy on your talents and resources. Next week, we’ll wrap up our series with a wonderful daily exercise you can do to improve the quality of the questions you ask. The outcome is sure to be a better life.

Your coach,

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