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Are You Tapping into Your Brain’s Power?

Are You Tapping into Your Brain’s Power?

As I shared with you last week, I’ve recently published a revised edition of my first book, Success is an Inside Job and I want to share some of it with you. I’d like to remind you, if you’re not already in the habit of asking yourself questions, now is the time to make it part of your everyday life. You’ll be amazed at what a huge difference you’ll see in your life.

If you missed the first email I shared last week about Asking Intelligent questions, you can find it on my blog: click here.

I hope you enjoy this week’s excerpt:

In my lifelong search to discover the keys to success, I have spent years talking to people from around the world who have reached the top of their fields – people who systematically worked to make their dreams into realities. I noticed a trait common to all their lives; they asked questions – persistently. They didn’t settle for what was on their plates. They wanted to know how it got there and why and what they could do to make it better. They questioned everything, and when the answers didn’t come straight away, they never got discouraged. They simply sought out others who had mastered similar challenges and asked for help.

In fact, I soon realized that these people had a different process for thinking than most. They were aware of the power of their minds and confident of their ability to eventually find an answer. These people were using their personal resources to question their hearts on what they really wanted. These successful people created not only wealth, but the quality of life that their hearts desired.

Today, I realize that effective thinking is actually the function of asking and answering questions. You see, in order to master your life, you must first master your thoughts. Your brain is simply a sophisticated computer. When asked a question, it goes into “search mode” to find the answer. The subconscious mind is the data base from which a vast storehouse of answers is derived. And you can’t access the data base until you “key in” the question. Then, your brain obediently offers up its information on anything you ask – just like a computer. The secret to success is to become aware of how to ask intelligent questions. Then you must listen to get the answers that will allow you to take positive steps toward achieving the results you want in your life.

There are several effective strategies that will enable you to tap into the power of your brain to receive the answers you need. First, it’s important to develop an awareness of the type of questions you ask. For example, if you ask negative questions such as “Why am I stuck in this job?” or “Why can’t I ever lose weight?” or “Why is life so hard?” you’re focusing your thoughts on what is not working in your life. Accordingly, the answers your brain gives in response to negative questions will most likely be negative as well. For example, if you ask yourself why you’re stuck in a dead-end job, your answer may be that no one is hiring new people or you are not smart enough to get something better. Then, you are simply left powerless – it’s the old garbage-in-garbage-out theory.

What you must do is change your perception. You’re not stuck or trapped by life. That is old thinking. Your point of power is always in the present. The fact that you’re reading a book called: Success Is An Inside Job means you have the desire to be in control of your destiny. You can create new options and new results by first asking questions that will focus your thinking on the vast data base of available choices and options stored in your mind. You see, everything you’ve ever experienced through your five senses is stored in your subconscious data base – all the experiences and every bit of knowledge you’ve ever been exposed to in your entire life is simply waiting for you to access it. All you have to do is ask the right questions.

I’m excited to share next week’s newsletter, where I will give you the formula for forming the “right” questions to get what you want in life.

Your coach,

P.S. If you’ve read Success is an Inside Job I ask that you please take a few minutes to write a review on Amazon for it. When you do, please email us at with your Amazon username and we’ll send you a free gift: My report: 18 Secrets to Turn Dreams into Success (a $49 Value). Click Here to Write a Review Now! (Thank you!!)

Why Ask Why?

Why Ask Why?

Hi from Lee. After working on it for a while between other projects, I finallyfinished updating my book, Success is an Inside Job. We’re still working on the revised print edition, but I’m very excited to share with you that we’ve re-published the Kindle Version. (You can find it by clicking here).

I’ve been in the habit for so long that it’s become an automatic thing for me, but while I was working on the Success book, I was reminded of how vitally important it is to ask intelligent questions to find the answers I’m looking for and to solve challenges. It’s one of THE most beneficial habits I’ve picked up and has been crucial to the successes I’ve created in all areas of my life. Because it’s such a fantastic habit to get into, over the next few weeks, I want to share some short excerpts with you from Success is an Inside Job about How (and Why) to Ask Questions to Improve the Quality of Your Life. If you’re not already in the habit of asking yourself questions, you’ll be amazed at how beneficial this one simple act can be—how big of a difference it can make. Even if you already have this wonderful habit, I know it was great for me to refresh my memory. I hope you enjoy:

I know today that, if it hadn’t been for my father, I probably wouldn’t have realized the importanceof what I’m about to share with you. You see, every night at sundown after the livestock had been fed and the chores were done, my family would sit around our big oak table, with the smell of fresh-baked bread and pipe tobacco filling the room, and my father would ask my brother and me what we had learned that day. Then he would present us with hypothetical situations and ask how we would handle them. Although at the time it seemed like a useless exercise, today I realize it actually helped infuse me with an “en¬trepreneurial” thinking process. I learned to tap into my own creative problem-solving talents and rely on my gut instincts to overcome challenges. These exercises allowed me to develop a thinking process that would create the framework enabling me to become successful in making my dreams come true – a thinking process centered around asking questions and listening to my intuition and feelings.

The skills I developed from all those nights around the oak table have shown me a future brimming with opportunities for those having the courage to ask questions and seek new solutions. In fact, you now have the opportunity to create a life that is much more aligned with your own personal destiny – your deepest needs – a life that may well bring you far more satisfaction. So that’s the good news. It’s not that your “Past Dreams” didn’t come true; it’s simply time to conjure up a new dream, to do a little soul-searching to become clear on exactly what you want. Not what your parents wanted, not the “Dream” that has been passed down from generation to generation, but your own unique future that you can dream into being. You begin that process by asking questions.

You see, asking questions is a critical process. By asking questions, you can outline all the available choices and determine a host of possible solutions. Then, you can receive valuable information you might not have thought of if you hadn’t asked questions. The questions and answers will help you begin to develop strategies to take back your life and your personal power to create anything you want!

Next week I will expand on this idea and go into strategies to tap into the power of your brain. Stay tuned!


P.S. Have you already read Success is an Inside Job or planning to read it now? If so, I invite you to

 write a review on Amazon for it. When you do, please email us at with your amazon username and we’ll send you a free gift: My report: 18 Secrets to Turn Dreams into Success (a $49 Value). Click Here to Write a Review Now! (Thank you!!)

Are You Tapping into Your Brain’s Power?

Fatherly Advice that has Served Me Well

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and it got me thinking about some of the great life lessons my late Father taught me. As a kid growing up on a farm in a rural area of Southeastern Virginia, I would ride my horse many miles from home. Because it was my favorite hobby, my father made sure to teach me many survival skills. One of the most important ones is to be aware of my surroundings at all times, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I want to share some of those suggestions he gave me, and include some I’ve picked up over the years:

First, it’s important to understand that you are responsible for your own safety. It’s your responsibility to be alert to anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

When you’re out and about:

  • Never voluntarily expose yourself to environments that aren’t safe (like going into rough neighborhoods alone) and try not to go out alone at night. Avoid unfamiliar areas if possible.
  • Don’t take shortcuts (especially through alleys or deserted streets).
  • Never really trust anyone you don’t know well. Never assume that because someone looks and speaks normally that they are harmless.
  • Women: get your keys out of your purse before you leave. You don’t want to be standing in the parking lot rooting around in the bottom of your bag for your keys. This leaves you vulnerable. Plus if your keys are in your hand while you walk to your car, you can hit the alarm button should a problem present itself and be distracting enough to allow you time to get to your car.
  • Always look in and under your car before you get in. Get in quickly and close and lock your door.
  • If you stop to help others, don’t get out of the car. Ask what the problem is and make the appropriate phone call.
  • When waiting for an elevator, leave the lobby/hallways if someone makes you feel uncomfortable.

At home:

  • Your car Keys are a great security alarm system that you probably already have and requires no installation. Test it. It will go off from just about anywhere inside your house and will keep honking until your battery runs down or until you reset it with the button on the key fob chain.
  • Keep the extra set of your car keys in your bedroom so if you hear a noise outside or someone is trying to get in your house, you can set off the panic button. The alarm will be set off, and the horn will continue to sound until either you turn it off or the car battery dies.
  • Always leave your headlights on when arriving home after dark until you’ve unlocked the garage door or front door.
  • Know who is at your door before opening it.
  • Never let anyone into your home without proper identification. Don’t be afraid to ask for identification.
  • Never let strangers into your home to use the telephone. Make the call for them while they wait outside.

Clearly there are hundreds of ways to stay safe and these are just a few suggestions to help you. I encourage you to share these tips with your kid so they can stay safe, too. It’s important to be prepared and take steps to avoid possibly dangerous situations.

Thanks for the lifelong lessons, Dad!
Love Lee

12 Secrets to a Good Candid Photo

12 Secrets to a Good Candid Photo

I used to be a professional photographer and I have some tips on how to look good in candid photos. Everyone can relate to seeing a unflattering picture of themselves posted on Facebook. For the most part, the pictures are being taken by friends and family who are not professionals and we often don’t look as good as we would like!

Being a former professional photographer and a catalog model, people are always asking me “how do I pose for a candid photo and look good?”

Here are some Photo secrets that I will share. Experiment with some of these to see if your future “candid” photos look more flattering.

Lee’s Tips for great photos:

  • Always stand at an angle to the camera. The reason is that it will be a more interesting photo plus it’ll give you a slimmer profile. A universally flattering angle is for the picture to be taken from slightly above you and having your face turned at an angle.
  • Slightly lower your front shoulder to elongate your neck.
  • Women: Look up slightly and lightly raise your eyebrows. This will make your eyes look larger.
  • Men: stick your chin out a bit and that will create a stronger face and eliminate any a double chin.
  • Smack your lips together a few times just before the photo is shot because this will send blood to them and they will appear larger and redder. Also pinch your cheeks to get a rosy glow. It’s old-fashioned advice but works like a charm for photos!
  • To avoid closed eyes in your photos try this: Ask the person taking photo to count to three, then blink on two. Your eyes will be at their brightest and most open on three!
  • Try to have your photo taken where there is natural light or a good light source and a good background. Be more proactive about where the photo is being taken.
  • Don’t let anyone take your photo lower than you are. This will make you look fat.
  • Relax as much as possible and enjoy the experience. If you are having your photo taken and you are unhappy about it, I promise you that your sour attitude will show up in photo!
  • Remember that you do not have to have your face to the camera in every picture. Sometimes some of the best photos are when people are laughing, looking at something else, and having fun!
  • Be sure to ask for several photos to be taken. The law of averages will work on your behalf and there will be a good one in there!
  • And if all fails, Use Photoshop to hide flaws!

In the future when you look at old photos you will say to yourself, “Wow, I looked good! Why was I so hard on myself?” This is a universal truth for most of us. We are very critical of our photos but as years pass we wish we looked like that again!! Have fun. Photos are precious because they allow us to remember a moment in time! Make your life and time memorable.

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Take lots of photos!!! Life is a gift and photos can hold such important meaning. For example, this one of Angel and me. I miss her so much and having so many photos of her has been so comforting!

Happy Photo-Taking

Reset Your Stress Button

Reset Your Stress Button

We all have the daily challenges of life and business and sometimes it can be overwhelming. I wanted to share with you that sometimes even the best of us need to retreat to refocus our thoughts, energies and resources. Just so you know, even though I teach this stuff, I personally struggle like everyone else trying to live a balanced and successful life. I have to take the time to remind myself that being in a bad mood is a choice, and that I can choose to look at my life and situation differently.

When you realize that you are experiencing burnout from the reality of life, it’s time for you to have what I like to call “the skill of awareness.” What this means is that you have to have an awareness that you are not in a resourceful mindset or mental state. You need to give yourself permission to nurture yourself and honor your emotions.

It’s important to grasp the concept that feelings are energy and they need to be acknowledged. The more you deny your feelings, the more they will push for recognition. There is value in understanding that there is an important difference between owning your negative feelings and focusing on them.

Do yourself a big favor and create an outlet that allows you to get out of your negative state of mind and honor your feelings. I will share with you that I love movies! I love going to the theater and getting popcorn and a drink and sitting there in the dark. I allow my own life to go into the background and set aside reality for a short time while I get into the movie. I always pre-frame myself that I am watching a movie and it’s not real but I give myself permission to be as involved in the movie as possible.

I tell you this because some days when I think I might really do something stupid, like lose my temper, I ask myself: how can I escape and take two hours off and reset my emotional button?

One way I can reset my stress level is to play hooky and go to the movies. There are days my schedule will not allow that, but I find that when I do let my kid come out to play, I can disappear for a couple of hours from my office and when I come back I am refreshed and balanced. Now of course, this is not a solution I can use on a weekly basis but when I do use it, I always feel better and can be more productive.

When I can’t get away for two hours, I will often go play with my pets for 10 minutes or take a walk and get into nature. Other beneficial outlets are nurturing activities such reading or listening to uplifting books, CDs or DVDs. Activities like fishing, bubble baths, walking, and meditation, make you feel good and give you some relief from the stress that is emotionally overwhelming to you. There are many things we can do as entrepreneurs but first, you have to give yourself permission for the idea that life is not all work. You need to reset your stress button to be able to be creative, productive, and successful

Your homework assignment: What are some of the ways you reset YOUR stress button?
Be creative and proactive to find solutions when you are in a sane place!

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