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The Secret of Ordinary vs. Extraordinary

The Secret of Ordinary vs. Extraordinary

Hi from Lee,

I want to share a secret with you: Learning the art of self-motivation has been one of the most powerful and rewarding gifts I’ve given myself. If you really want to achieve the success you desire you must understand this truth: all motivation comes from within. In fact, the difference between an ordinary person and an extraordinary person is their degree of motivation.

One of the first steps toward developing self-motivation is to create desire. In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill said, “The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.”

Think about it. In order to use your life energy in the most effective way you must tap into your deepest motivation, which is your desires.

When your desire strengthens, your motivation increases ten-fold. Your desires are a critical factor in what you accomplish in life.

I truly believe from my own experience that it’s never your mistakes that eat you alive — it’s the missed opportunities. Mistakes are simply chances to try again, but missed opportunities are lost forever and remain to haunt you.

Life is too short to not look honestly at yourself and ask, “What do I want? What desires do I have that I have not yet fulfilled?” What can I do today to really live my life, not just exist?

You need to listen to the inner you, reawaken your deepest desires and begin to take specific action toward fulfilling them — no matter how long it takes. Remember, destiny is not a matter of chance — it’s a matter of choice. Your power to be successful starts with the desire to use your talents, skills and abilities in ways that make you happy. I love the old saying “Success is not a still picture, it’s a moving picture.” It says to me that success is the way you live your life, it’s what you do everyday that counts.

Another important key to developing a strong sense of self-motivation is to examine your beliefs — both about yourself and about what is possible. Belief in yourself is the starting point for all achievement. It takes a lot of courage to dare to make your dreams come true, and belief in yourself is the one basic, absolutely essential ingredient for anyone who wants to begin. What’s more, it’s the powerful driving force behind all great success. You choose what you will believe everyday — both about yourself and what you can accomplish — and this simple analysis determines who you are and who you will become more than any other factor.

You see, there is nothing mystical or magical about the power of belief. It simply works; when you have the can-do attitude, it gives the brain the power, skill, and energy needed to accomplish whatever challenge you give it. The “how-to-do-it” always comes to the person who believes “they-can-do-it.” Once again, it’s simply the power of belief. Strong beliefs trigger the mind to figure out the details of how to succeed. And without the driving force of belief in yourself, you won’t have the courage, interest, or enthusiasm to keep going when times get rough.

In the words of the famous Irish poet, George Russell, “We become what we contemplate.” We are self-fulfilling prophecies. It doesn’t matter if your beliefs are true or false, your beliefs eventually become facts. Whatever beliefs you have formed about yourself, are exactly what you will act on. For example, when you have the attitude, “I’ll give this project a try but I don’t think it will work,” you’ve failed before you’ve begun! When your mind doubts your ability, it begins to attract events to support the belief that you’re not capable of succeeding; and then you fail, it’s that simple.

It may help you to think of it this way. Your beliefs systems are like a thermostat; they regulate what you accomplish in life. When you don’t believe you’re worth much, you don’t ask for much. When you think you’re unable to do great things, you won’t try to achieve great things. If you think you’re stuck, you become stuck because you don’t believe you have the power to change your circumstances for the better. You must have a strong, firm belief in yourself first, or your desires will never have a chance to manifest.

You can start today to appreciate yourself and be the master of your own destiny by being willing to believe in your own unique abilities. There is an old proverb, “If there is no wind, row!” It is very empowering to realize that by choosing our beliefs about our circumstances, we can powerfully affect the outcome.

Love and Light,
Lee Milteer

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Motivation and Bathing

Motivation and Bathing

Hello from Lee

I hope you enjoy my latest blog entry.

For a year of my life I toured around the country on stage with the famous late Zig Ziglar! (this is an old photo of us). < We would often have breakfast together and discuss things we heard from people at our events. A recurring theme of our conversations was how people tend to blame the past for not living a happy or successful life. Common complains we heard were: “it’s my parents’ fault”, “something bad happened to me”, or “I don’t know how to change”. One thing that both Zig and I had a very clear understanding of from our own lives was the fact that we have challenges and obstacles to overcome, but we can’t blame the past for our current behavior and decisions.

To be really successful in life, you must accept 100% responsibility for your outcomes, both good and bad. The truth is, all experiences (whether you perceive them as being good or bad) have seeds of value for future success. Many people forget that the only true power you have in life is your own personal power to choose how you interpret reality.

If you look at the past, you will see that your parents were doing the best they could at the time with the knowledge and resources they had available. They weren’t exposed to the self-help material that we have access to today. They were simply victims of victims. Their parents may have had some limiting belief systems when they were raised, too.

But today, we do have the tools to break the cycle of the past and take 100 percent responsibility for our beliefs and motivation and stop blaming the past. You must remember that you create your own reality with your thoughts. Feeling energized and excited about a desire or dream is what will keep you feeling alive and excited about your future. This is the essence of personal power, the path to self-motivation.

Henry Cannon said: “It is well-recognized that the highly motivated person succeeds in life. All successful people are motivated people.” All successful self-made people have one thing in common: they commit a small part of every day to attitude adjustment time to keep themselves curious and open to new ideas.

Zig Ziglar said: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.” Even though I toured with Zig years ago, to this day, I think of this quote, especially if I am having a challenging day! It’s a great reminder that it’s my responsibility to do a pattern interrupt with my focus and change it to something more positive!

I want you to think of working on your mindset and attitude as “routine maintenance” for your mind. You do regular maintenance on your car (you fill it with gas, wash the bugs off the windshield, and get the oil changed) and on your body (you bathe, get your hair cut, and get regular checkups). Isn’t it about time you dust the cobwebs out and do the same for your mind?

WHAT exactly are you doing daily to keep yourself motivated and to program yourself for success? Are you listening to motivational materials every day to refresh your mind? Are you investing monthly in new educational materials to stimulate your creative thinking processes?

If you haven’t been investing in yourself and your mindset, it’s not too late to start. It’s time to take charge of your life and get what YOU want. You can EASILY break free from blame and past obstacles to create new patterns that will enable you to succeed in every area of your life.

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Love and Light,
Lee Milteer

Get a New Lease on Life Fast

A lot of people ask me about how I’ve become so successful. One of the biggest keys to my success has been my mind.

You see, your mind is your most important asset in creating wealth and happiness. Ralph Waldo Emerson declared that “The ancestor of every action is thought.”Napoleon Hill of the famous book, Think and Grow Rich said that “You have absolute control over but one thing—your thoughts. This divine prerogative is the sole means by which you may control your destiny. If you fail to control your mind, you will control nothing else. Your mind is your spiritual estate. What you hold in your mind today will shape your experiences of tomorrow.”

The easiest way for you to begin using your power to create the future you want is to simply think of your mind as your personal computer. It has two distinct parts that are under your control: the conscious mind, the part of your mind that is rational, knows right from wrong, directs your thoughts and makes decisions; and then there is the subconscious mind, a huge memory bank that records everything that you have ever heard, read, seen, or told yourself.

Your subconscious mind records every thought that goes through your conscious mind through all of the five senses. These thoughts are then classified and recorded so they can be recalled through memory.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know right from wrong; it simply receives and files thoughts. It does exactly what the conscious mind tells it to do. According to scientists, your subconscious mind will hold more information than all the libraries in the entire world put together. Your power to be whatever you want starts with your desire and commitment.

Program new information into your computer that makes you feel good about yourself, and allows you to use your potential. New beliefs created from your new thoughts will enable you to stay motivated to do whatever it takes to reach your goals or dreams.

As the most important organ in the body and a highly sophisticated memory bank, the mind works upon the information and data you feed into it everyday; and, with it, creates the reality of your life. That’s why it’s so important to carefully consider the kind of information you feed your mind.

Everything that you think — true or false, good or bad — goes from the conscious mind and imprints on the subconscious mind. That information is translated into a picture. So, whatever information is programmed into your subconscious mind about your abilities, your potential and your worth, is what you believe to be true and becomes your self-image.

Too often, you don’t see your real talents and skills; you simply see the information that has been programmed into your computer from outside sources and your outdated thoughts. And your self-image — whether real or illusionary — is a foundation upon which your entire future is built. You will simply act out the type of person you conceive yourself to be, based upon your own beliefs about yourself.

Consciously decide to change old negative programs and give yourself a new lease on life. You can do that by maintaining constant awareness about your daily thoughts.

You’ve heard the old saying that people teach what they most need to learn. This has been particularly true in my life. As a child, I had a very poor self-image. Although my “inner voice” kept affirming that I had something important to offer to the world, my environment did nothing to reinforce it. It wasn’t until I decided to take charge of my destiny and change my life that I really started seeking help.

I read every book and listened to every educational audio program I could find on self-image and personal empowerment, and gradually over the years, gained the courage and resources to revamp the negative picture of myself. Today, I know that this was one of the most critical decisions in my life. Without changing my self-image, I could never have created a better life for myself doing what I really love to do. I would have simply continued without using my inborn talents, and most likely would have ended up an unfulfilled person.

Love and Light,
Lee Milteer

How to be Ruthless and Happy

We’ve been focusing on Unmanifesting. So far we’ve been focusing on material “stuff” but keep in mind that it would also behoove you to do some mental clean-up

Mental de-cluttering and emotional de-cluttering are also extremely important because if not done, they can lead to self-imposed blockages, resistance, and massive frustration and stress. Holding on to grudges, anger, or bitterness blocks you from receiving and causes you to be frustrated, discouraged, unmotivated, and depressed.

How do you de-clutter in this way? Well, start by recognizing the predominant thoughts running through your mind and then the subsequent feelings you have as a result. What’s your general opinion and belief about your life and abilities to co-create it? What is your view on manifestation, your friends, your family, money, etc.? Go through each area of your life and make a list of all the beliefs and feelings you have that pertain to each one. Let it all flow. Don’t hold back. The more honest and candid you are with yourself, the better. No one has to see your list; it’s between you and you.

Homework Assignment: Pick a different area in your home or office and give yourself permission to go on the “Stuff” Diet.

If there are clothes in your closet that you have not worn in the last 24 months — get rid of them! If there are clothes you don’t like and don’t give you a good feeling when you wear them — get rid of them. If there are clothes that need repair, have them repaired. Your one exception: you can keep your wedding dress or tuxedo!

Don’t forget to clean out your attic and garage; inevitably there are things you’re keeping that would cost more to repair than replace — throw it out or give it away.

Get rid of old furniture, toys, office files, magazines, and newspapers. Clear out the junk that robs you of your energy and time whenever you see or think about it.

De-clutter your life from the tangibles and intangibles that are no longer adding to your well-being. New substances, new relationships, and new opportunities do not flow easily into a cluttered environment.

Another important homework assignment is to allow yourself to gently move away from acquaintances and friends who are no longer really friends. Just because you were close and had a lot in common at one time does not mean that you’re destined to be friends forever.

Give yourself permission to really see and let go of relationships that have grown in different directions. By continuing to spend your time with people you no longer really have a rewarding relationship with, you are preventing yourself from opportunities to meet and spend time with people that you would really enjoy or learn from.

POINT TO CONSIDER: Most of us don’t remember “stuff” but we do remember experiences. Why not start creating your life with memories instead of things that have to be insured, cleaned, or repaired!

Letting go and releasing what is no longer needed or wanted allows your life to be more organized and less stressed, and you will gain a sense of clarity. Apply this concept of the “STUFF DIET” to every area of your life and watch the clarity unfold for you, too.

Remember less is more and clutter free feels good.

Your new motto: If it doesn’t serve a purpose, have meaning or monetary value—out it must go!

Go on a Mental Diet to Make Money

Every spring at my home and office, we like to play the unmanifesting game, which I’ve been sharing with you the past few weeks. Unmanifesting is one of my favorite spring-time activities because it really means that we are releasing things that no longer have value or importance to us. This is critical because these material items are draining us of time, money, and life energy. To motivate you, consider thinking of these strategies as a way to help charity and yourself.

Think of your time and efforts to clear out your spaces as actually doing something that could benefit others because of what you donate into the world.

De-cluttering a whole house can seem overwhelming. BUT if it’s broken down into bite size chunks, it can be handled with ease.

  1. Start by de-cluttering for 10 to 15 minutes a day. It’s enough time to achieve something. It’s short enough that we can all fit it into our busy schedules. If you do this one thing, it becomes a good habit. It will also ensure you keep your home or office clutter free in the future.
  2. De-clutter storage space first. Once you get control of drawers, cabinets and closets it will be so much easier to find a home for everything.
  3. Pick one room for your 15-minute daily sessions and stick to it until everything is de-cluttered. It doesn’t really matter which room you start with.
  4. Be ruthless in deciding what to keep and what to let go. You can’t succeed at de-cluttering and simplifying your life or office unless you are willing to let stuff go. To make it easy, take the attitude that you are prosperous enough that if you happen to get rid of something you need in the future, you will simply give yourself permission to buy a new one, rent it, or even buy one from a secondhand store at a bargain.
  5. The bottom line is to go into this STUFF DIET with the mindset that most stuff can be replaced!! (because it CAN!)
  6. Deal with paper. Little and often works best. Paper causes a lot of clutter. Bills, invoices, and receipts without a system get out of control fast. For example, you can stop paper clutter by creating a simple system for incoming mail. You’ll need a bin and a 2-tier tray. Designate one tray for items that require action, and the other for documents that need to be filed. Set up a filing system that suits your own personality and needs. Create reminders for scheduling actions like paying bills, appointments, and events. Outlook on your computer is a good system.
  7. As soon as you bring something new into the house or office, set aside storage space for it. Always keep it in its place when not in use.

De-cluttering releases the blocks that have been holding you back. It ignites the fires of energy within you – energy you didn’t even know you had! The stress in your face and body will ease and your confidence will return when you feel more in control. Things start to fall into place in every area of your life when you de-clutter your surroundings.

Your new motto: If it doesn’t serve a purpose, have meaning or monetary value—out it must go!

Love and Light,
Lee Milteer

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