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Remembering the Champion Within

Even if you are a champion you are also human and it’s very easy to get lost dealing with problems, obstacles, and adversity in your life and business. 

We are wired to be innovators and creators, and with that wiring there are challenges. No one promised that life would be a “Happy Ever After” story. It is just a reality that one of the conditions of being a human is dealing with problems, obstacles, and adversity. As entrepreneurs, we are always enacting on new goals, and the more complex those goals are, the more likely we will be faced with some type of adversity and blocks. Remember: the more YOU want, the more YOU have to deal with in the process of getting it. If success were easy, everyone would be wealthy and famous!  

To be truly successful and resourceful, we need to address how we deal with life’s curve balls. We encounter obstacles daily. How we are skilled in handling them will determine the quality of life we enjoy. And, the strategies we use to capitalize on them will put money in the bank.

There has been a great deal of competition for attention these days and much of the roar from the news media of gloom and doom has been distracting to us and our businesses. My crystal ball is like everyone else’s and doesn’t know what the future will bring. Whatever is coming, keep this thought in mind:  “It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult undertaking which, more than anything else, will determine its successful outcome.”  

I have shared this famous quote by William James to remind you that we have had challenging times before and we have landed on our feet by overcoming problems, obstacles and adversity as entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals.  

Allow me to remind you that this Champion part of YOU is strong, honorable, creative, curious, courageous, persistent, open-minded, logical and intuitive, as well as optimistic and willing to do the right thing to get the job done!  We are Champions!  We are the leaders, providers, suppliers of goods and services to assist others. We are the innovators. We are wired to be innovators and creators.  

Right now under the current environment, it is easy to lose sight of your talents, abilities, skills, and wisdom and forget that our thoughts and actions create our reality and future.  Our attitude affects everything and everyone in our lives.  When we are in a state of clarity we can see our problems as just a temporary situation, that with new solutions we can overcome them.  When we are in a negative mindset we allow the stress and problems to be bigger than they need to be, costing us money, time, and life energy that could be used toward your creativity or for making money and finding new products or services to assist others. 

Life is very precious and changes on a dime. It’s your job to be conscious, aware, and proactive. 

The truth is we all need someone else to listen to us, give us strength when things are not going well in our business or lives. I know from my own life that I have always been taught to pull myself up with my own bootstraps, but frankly right now I can see that everyone needs some moral support to combat the massive amount of negative news about the economy and our future. I want to remind you that you have the ability and the obligation to yourself and your future to simply change the channel and watch or listen to information that entertains or uplifts you.  You do not have to allow the poison of fear to be programmed into your mind or environment.  For all of you who are parents, you must step up to the plate and not allow fear to rule your life and affect your children. Your job is to be conscious and seek out people who uplift you and materials that inspire you to be the Champion that is inside of you!  Being a Champion is a decision you must make for yourself.  The other option is that you will be a VICTIM.  I know you do not want that feeling for yourself or your loved ones! 

Thanks for reading. 


Lee Milteer

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Improve Productivity

On an average day, Entrepreneurs make dozens of personal and work decisions. Here is a hard truth for entrepreneurs: if you are not conscious of where and how you are spending your time and resources, you start to become a reactor to life instead of an actor. You become a slave to time instead a master. I want to remind you to have the skill of awareness, which means you need to be present and conscious of how you are using your time. 

You should ask yourself this question each time a task, function, or activity needs to be done:  “Is this the Most Effective (PROFITABLE) Use of My Time Right Now?” 

If you don’t get the correct answer back, you should eliminate the activity, or delegate it so you can be more productive and profitable with your time and behavior. 

The two words Efficiency and Effectiveness are often used interchangeably. They don’t mean the same thing!  In the words of Peter Drucker, “Efficiency is doing things right: Effectiveness is doing right things.”  Effectiveness means working on things with a high payoff, while efficiency does not always have that same important result.  

When I was growing up, just like you, I always heard the old adage, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”  Now for us, as business owners, maybe we should review this old programming. As a matter of fact, if we look objectively at this old belief, we might observe that many of the things we are doing are not worth doing at all, much less “doing right”. We might even think about some of the time drains in our life that we could consider simply doing only adequately. For example, have you ever been a few cents off in your check book balance? Unless you are in the Tax Business or run a professional bookkeeping business, it might be better to write it off as an adjustment instead of spending hours looking for the mistake. Or frankly, someone else should be doing your books for your review. As my dear friend Dan Kennedy says, sometimes good enough is good enough. Stop trying to make everything perfect. Get stuff done!

It is a more intelligent decision to concentrate on being effective in what you do and give your time and attention later to being efficient at it. You must determine what payoff areas in your work will increase your effectiveness by helping your select goals where the most potential profits and payoffs reward you. 

Efficiency means doing the task or job right. Effectiveness is doing the RIGHT JOB RIGHT. It means selecting a task or job that is consistent with your goals and objectives and doing it right. What this really means is don’t do anything that doesn’t assist you with your ultimate objectives, goals, and PROFITS. 

Almost anyone can learn or be trained to be efficient, but results and profitability-oriented people are more concerned with effectiveness and profits than with efficiency. 

For example, many entrepreneurs spend all their time doing activities and consider themselves to be productive, but they’re spending their time doing insane things like color-coding their files and tabs in the filing cabinet. Where is the profit or productivity in that? It might look pretty but it certainly doesn’t bring money into the office. It’s a waste of time. That is what people in the corporate world do: they look and act busy but don’t really accomplish much because they aren’t held accountable. YOU have to be accountable if you want to eat well.  

If you have busy work behaviors, you’re really just hiding from yourself. You are in a procrastination mode and not in an effectiveness or profit mode of behavior. When you catch yourself doing these types of things please understand that this is outside of integrity for your long-term purpose. You may even be unconscious of all the time you waste because you aren’t feeling confident about what you’re doing. Everyone tends to do busy work when they lack clarity of what is important. 

Clear cut objectives are essential to effectiveness since they serve as a roadmap that directs you to the right job with minimum guesswork and confusion.  All objectives must be specific, written, measurable, and realistic on your time schedule, and consistent with your existing goals.

Thanks for reading. 


Lee Milteer

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Outstanding or Average?

As entrepreneurs, it is in our nature to see possibilities, but the main difference between outstanding and average income earners is the ability to take action even when conditions are not perfect.

Ask yourself right now, and be brutal about the truth: Do you have challenges, problems, and obstacles in your life due to the fact that you procrastinate on taking right actions? Do you allow circumstances to best you? How many good ideas, income streams, and market shares have you lost because of your unproductive attitudes and work habits?

Will you admit to yourself that you could move toward the ultimate success you know you want and deserve but instead, you allow the negative news media to derail your plans? Or do you let shiny objects or fearful attitudes distract you from taking risks and moving forward with your ideas and plans?  Let’s get honest and admit we all could make more money, be more productive, improve our performance, and have a lot more time for fun, if we were more conscious of how we use our mental, emotional, physical, and financial life energy.

To be a real Peak Performer, one of the first things you must do is get real and get out of denial of where you spend your time, money and creative resources. “Time is money,” is true and you have 1,440 minutes per day and 168 hours a week to manifest your life the way you want to live. You can replace everything except time. If you want to overcome unproductive behaviors, habits, and attitudes that have held you back, you must become brutally accountable for how you’re using your time and life energy. And even more importantly, what is the caliber of information you are allowing into your brain to program you daily of what is possible?

Remember this:  We all have LIFE GIVING personal life habits such as exercising, eating right, and taking time to relax to reenergize our minds and bodies. For business, LIFE GIVING habits would be activities such brainstorming in a real coaching group for knowledge to attract new business, finding better ways to use your resources, marketing that brings you income, acquiring exceptional staff, updating technology skills, and looking for new avenues to expand your income streams without working harder.

We also have LIFE REMOVING personal life habits such as working too hard, not taking care of our bodies, not taking time with our loved ones, losing your temper, blaming others, negative thinking, excessive spending, overuse of mindless TV or computer time, procrastination, being late, and various other unwanted habits that detract you from enjoying life. Other Life Removing business habits would be spending too much time on email or social media, not training staff, being closed minded about what is possible, pricing too low, not creating new products and services, trying to reinvent the wheel, or having unclear boundaries. Are you guilty of any of these?

Let me give you a big secret: first, admitting that you have the problem is part of the solution. Seeding your mind with other successful people’s wisdom is, without doubt, one of the most important skills of success to overcome any unproductive behaviors or negative attitudes which have prevented you from becoming the creative, solution-oriented person you want to be, earning the money you want to earn, and living the type of lifestyle you want to live.

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Thank you for reading. 
Lee Milteer

Out it Must Go!

Hello from Lee Milteer.

Now that its spring, it’s time to get ready for the busiest time of the year for making sure your business is on track for 2013. I want to share with you a new way of looking at life and success.

Most of the time, we focus on manifesting for Success. Instead, we’re going to have a 5-part series where we focus on an unusual topic: UN-manifesting for Success.

Unwanted, unneeded stuff is taking up a ton of space in your brain and it is preventing you from having major breakthroughs in solutions, ideas, ways to make more money, and have more time. Not only that, but all of this “stuff” is draining you of creative thoughts.

All of this unneeded material stuff has to be stored, cleaned, and insured! The bottom line is that unwanted or needed material stuff takes up life energy that you could be using to enjoy yourself or by being productive. Having too much stuff simply makes you tired and prevents you from other great experiences in life.

One of the first strategies for creating prosperity in life is to get rid of what you don’t want in your life to make room for what you do want. It is said that nature abhors a vacuum. To have the opportunity to attract what you do want, such as a better relationship, more attractive clothes, or furniture, you must make room for your desires to manifest.

No matter what your economic status, there are many possessions that you’re not using, which are just cluttering up your life, home, and office. Life has a way of creeping in all kinds of “things”, and before you know it, you are burdened with a space that no longer feels or looks good. It’s liberating to de-clutter files, closets, and get rid of piles or whatever is there that could use some cleaning up.

Keep in mind that when you give yourself permission to let go of “stuff” it paves the way for growth. You can unmanifest this chaos by being honest with yourself and taking back control of your world by letting stuff go that is not working, needs fixing, is outdated, or has no meaning to you. Release all this stuff that robs you of time and energy!

If you’re living in fear of lack and tightly holding on to everything — your material possessions, your time, your love, your energy or ideas, you’re shutting yourself off from the flow of life. When you dam up a stream, the water becomes stagnant. When you close off your life, you become stagnant. The more unwanted things clutter your life, the less room there will be for the things you want to be able to appear.

A great universal secret of prosperity is passing along to others those things you no longer need. The more you give away of your material possessions you no longer need, the more love, appreciation, and praise, the world will surprise you with by increasing your abundance in all areas of your life.

When you move things, people, or situations that no longer serve you out of your life, you’re clearing the way for what you do want. It’s difficult to know what you do want until you get rid of what you don’t want or what is no longer working. I SUGGEST you create a sign from the motto below!

Your new motto: If it doesn’t serve a purpose, have meaning or monetary value—out it must go!

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Thank you for reading. 

Lee Milteer

Change: Resistance is Futile

Let’s face it: trying to resist change will leave you drowning in denial and the pain caused by not accepting that everything in life is constantly changing.

Despite that fact, we tend to resist the idea of change. We’re comfortable with the way things are and change is not always so cushy and predictable. But the one thing we can always count on is that things are always changing. It would benefit us to accept change, instead of rejecting it.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, you have to have the skill of awareness to recognize exactly where you have blind spots. As a professional coach, I have noticed that one of the deadliest ways a person can sabotage themselves is by getting stuck in life where they stop seeing new opportunities (i.e. resisting change).

When you’re faced with a new situation that makes you hesitant or even fills you with dread, ask yourself “what is it that I have resistance about? Why?” You can cry about something changing all day long but reality is reality. Your job is to find new, productive ways to deal with your challenges, to make lemonade out of lemons! That is why you are an entrepreneur. You control your destiny– not the outside world.

We all fear something. Perhaps we fear that our life or profession will not be as profitable in the future as it is now. Some of us fear we will be worse off because we’ll have less money, fewer resources, a loss of creature comforts we’ve become accustomed to; we fear we’ll have fewer opportunities for advancement or a loss of respect. All these fears and feelings of uncertainty create anxiety and stress. In reality, the anticipation of any negative outcomes of an event are much worse than the reality of change.

Be careful of what you fear because you can attract the fearful thing to you. We are self-filling prophecies. The truth is we have to get over the stress of change and actually look forward to “things” changing so we can find ways to improve our service or products. We simply have to allow change. As entrepreneurs, we need to take the challenge to be better than our competitors!

Get past your insecurities. Believe in yourself and your talents, skills and experience because if you don’t, who will? We have to appreciate and honor our ability to flow with any change that life throws in front of us.

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Thank you for reading. 


Lee Milteer


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